Friday, August 12, 2011

I fancy{John O'Callaghan} friday

John Cornelius O'Callaghan V.
You're not British, but everything else about you makes up for that.
You belong on my list of Boys I want to date before I get married.
He goes on that list twice:
6. Someone that's a lead singer in a band.
7. Someone with tattoos.
Um, a lot of tattoos.
And they work.
Oh, how they work.
"Unus Amor"or "One Love"
"We all have been degraded; we all will be the greatest."
"Some people have REAL problems"
Cute on him, not on others(congratulations!!!)

He's from the band The Maine <3

Apparently AMAZING live. (New Tour coming soon with Taking back Sunday and Bad Rabbits. I shall give my left knee to see them. Bffshwtng and I ARE going!!!)
Look at that Smile!! :D

He's adorable.
Oh, John, thanks for being awesome and singing to me like an angel.

Johnolove&music & Smiles,

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