Friday, August 19, 2011

I fancy{Nick Santino} Friday

Keeping with last week's theme of adorable lead singers with tattoos, we'll move onto someone relevant to events this week.
Nicholas Santino

Being the stalker that I am via google, F*** Yeah posts, and band website, you'd think I could come up with an answer to his middle name.
But. . . no. It's between Bernard and Andrew.
I prefer Andrew. But, whatever his parents named him is totally fine.


You ask, "Why is this relevant to your life this week, Leslie?"
To which I reply in an extremely excited scream, "BECAUSE I'M GOING TO THE ROCKET TO THE MOON CONCERT IN OCTOBER!"

And you go, "Shut. Up."
And I say, "No seriously. Bffshwtng, Bfstw, and I are going to go see them/Plain White tees/ NeverShoutNever/ some guy named Carson/and some band about Fake Problems.

I'm really excited.
Like.. really excited.

Back to Nick
Again, he's not British, but he's adorable. Plus, he's gone through a wicked makeover.
He's looking a lot more classy these days.
Just look at his new and improved hair.
1950's throwback for sure.

His voice just makes me want to die.
It's so adorable and versatile.
He could burp the ABC's and it would probably be the best sounding thing I've ever heard.

He's got many tattoos that unlike John O'Callaghan aren't really... words.
I know he's got "All You need is Love" tattooed across his chest.
What's with me digging the across the chest tattoos lately?

And then he has a WHOLE BUNCH of other random colorful articles all over his arms and I'm pretty sure one on each foot.
They're a little too much for me, but... I can deal.
Seriously, I could deal.

I know a lot of people hate the Jonas Brothers but... I happen to love them.
So, them AND Nick in one picture? Heaven.

Nick also states that he likes Taylor Swift (Not that this is adding to my jealousy of her)
But... what if I'm the next Brown haired, brown eyed version of her?
This could totally work.

 I'M GOING TO THE CONCERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oh & How many times did I say adorable?

NickSantinoisadorable & Smiles,

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  1. i like this page very much!
    guilty confession, i tend to stalk Nick Santino too but then again.. who wouldn't?