Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday and the murderous dream.

Last night I had a dream.
It was a Little... out there.
And I swear on Chace Crawford's life I do NOT embellish my dreams.
This is just how I remember them.

The people?
In order of appearance.

The dream?

Boys Like Girls and I had some kind of wild night where they tickle attacked me and they made a video of it(Tickle attacks were highly illegal). They published the video without my consent. I was supposed to bring Ashley a starbucks, but had to work late, so i texted to meet her there. When she found out I was in that video, she refused to go with me to Starbucks.
We were called in by Sarah Palin, who was working on a film set with Amy Adams and Dakota Fanning because she was in charge of dealing with "government tickle attacks" and she asked who was in charge of the video. I was the only one that didn't say it was okay to post it, so i was off the hook.*poof* everyone besides Sarah Palin and I are in the theatre. She was given some drugs and passes out, leaving me in a large empty and dark auditorium.
A man with a red sickle, who I thought looked like Michael Jordan tried slashing me and some girl in purple had a bush that could kill! We fought and fought and ran and screamed until SOMEHOW I escaped and managed to hurt them.
I went to Hannaford and bought a first aid kit and a brownie covered in blood. I was bawling my eyes out and all they did was give me a 10$ coupon. Eventually they found out what happened and praised me.
I went to Chace Crawford's lacrosse game because I was his girlfriend(finally, something good in the dream!!! <3) and watched him play with his parents in the luxury box. This weird girl with black and caramel spotted hair followed me into the bathroom and tried to kill me. I escaped through the window.
Next I was playing hide and seek with Rachel and Sarah Patterson and they got out, so they left Bffshwtng and I alone playing. Purple bush and Red Sickle people show up again(didn't I kill them already?) And chase us around our house. We hide and hide and they always get us until we hide in memere's appointment. There's a random man in there, and he's the enemy but he swears he won't hurt us. Eventually the killers are right on our tails and Betty White pops and out and tells us that they won't kill us. They always plant a seed (the man) to try and get to know the people they're about to kill to see if they're truly bad people.
Then she asks me to go get the scary bush so she can make a floral bouquet.

Um... what?

Have YOU had any strange dreams?
Post a comment if you have!

Weirddreams & Smiles,

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