Friday, September 9, 2011

I fancy{Cameron Leahy} Friday

Cameron  Leahy
(Pronounced Kam-er-en Lay-hee)
(I pronounce it with a laugh, lee-he-he-he)
AlsoKnownAs: The lead singer of one me and Bffshwtng's favorite bands, The Downtown Fiction
^ He's the cute one in the middle( Not that the other members of the band aren't cute too)

Now... I think that Cameron is almost perfect looking.
I mean... his eyes. *swoon*

And he likes penguins! I looove penguins.
If I had one I would name him Charlie.
If it was a her, well... she's be... Charlie.

And... okay, he has perfect hair  too. It's disgusting.
He used to have girl hair.
Longer than mine.
I'm glad he cut it.
Oh, and is it me, or does he remind me of a vampire?
Yes, and when asked about it on his Formspring(haha. Formspring... LeslieOMG, btdubbs)
He answered, "Pale and proud." and also to the question of being a vampire. "Well I am pale... and I do feed on the blood of human beings. So yes."
Oooh, Cameron.

Oh, and he can sing.
I mean, duh, he's in a band.
But he can SING.
Like... make your heart melt sing.
While continuing having awesome hair.

So... yes, I happen to adore Cameron.
And according to his Formspring, he happens to adore everyone too.
Yes, Cameron, we love you.
CameronLee-he-he-helove & Smiles,


  1. he is sooooooooooooooooooooooo sexy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!