Friday, September 23, 2011

I'll remember{Andrew Jackson} Friday.

No. Not the President.
Today, I am not doing an I fancy Friday Post.
I went into school late this morning.
And after I got there, everyone was a wreck.
A student who graduated two years ago; one of my friends.
He died this morning.

The underclassman didn't understand why the Seniors were so sad.
Andrew Jackson, you were the ultimate Super Fan.

You were a member of our school's community, and no matter how much you got in trouble. Everyone still loved you.
You were important to choir, football, and almost everyone you met.
And I'll never forget District II auditions 2009.
And I'll never forget High School Musical.

For those of you who don't go to my school, and who didn't know Andrew, just remember someone that made the thought of dying very surreal for you.
No one is invincible, but make your legacy known to ensure you're not invisible.

Jackson, we'll miss you.
But we'll never forget.

Sadness & unsmiles,

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