Friday, November 25, 2011

I fancy{Andrew Garfield} Friday

Andrew Russel Garfield.

Yes, let us all take a moment to "awwwww"
Plus, to my happiness. He is British AND American.
Born in L.A.
Grown in England.
How charming.

He happens to even be adorable when he swears. 0:16 beware.
But my favorite thing about him is that SMILE.

When he laughs, his whole face lights up, and that happens to be one of the most attractive things a guy can do.

Can we also talk about his hair?
Um, clearly if you've read my blog before, you tend to piece together that there are usually three things I notice about in guys.
Hair, Smile, Nose.

I also love that in all the interviews I've ever seen of him he laughs at himself.
And is humble!

I watched the Social Network last night, so that is why this guy inspired me for this post.

Something I'm not sure I am fond of yet... the Spider man Remake.
On the movie's side however....
Andrew Garfield>Toby Maguire
Release Date: My birthday! Yes, July 3, 2012 is the scheduled date. Which means I will be seeing Andrew Garfield for free with a flash of my license(18 this year!)

But, really, how can you not love this guy?
Besides, he's an Andrew.
He's already winning.

Andrewlove & Smiles,

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