Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random {Music} Wednesday.

If you've been reading, you know that two weeks ago I went to Boston wth Bffshwtng and Bfstw.

Well, besides already owning A Rocket to the Moon's cd, at the concert I bought The Carter Hulsey Band's cd. And...


Favorite Song:
1. Black my lungs.

Also at the concert, and for some reason never in my home, was the Plain White T's.

How, you ask, did I not really listen to them before?
I don't know.
Hey There Delilah, yeah. I know that song.
My memere does too.
But Irrational Anthem? Love it!

Oh, and the guy that actually sings Rhythm of Love? He's adorable.

I can't report on the whole album yet, because it hasn't arrived in my mail. But... soon. Yes.

(Besides the concerty bands...)
I ordered.
Rotation: Cute is what we aim for.
King vs. Queen: Brighten.
Morning Light: The Morning Light.
Let Love in: A Cursive Memory.

listen, tellmewhatyouthing, & Smiles,

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