Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Random {Music} Wednesday

This week has been mad crazy singing.
Thursday: Caroling.
Friday: Caroling.
Saturday: Singing at church.
Sunday: Singing at church.
Monday: Dress Rehearsal.
Monday Night: Concert.
Tuesday: Diaboli @ the nursing home.
Wednesday: Half of Diaboli for a small field-trip
Thursday(Tomorrow): Two In-School concerts.

And then... the miracle of Christmas: VACATION!

Diaboli(Excuse me, Jazz Choir) I will forever call you Diaboli.

Months ago at that New England Chorale Festival.

My second favorite girl in red lipstick

My little munchkin(not really mine)

Oh, and... yesterday, The Downtown Fiction released their new Pineapple EP.
and it's AMAZING.

I love them, and my darling Cameron Leahy is wearing a Polkadotted shirt.

Do yourself a favor and listen to AT LEAST "Circles."
But especially "Out in the Streets"
Grrr. I love them.

Musical busyness & Smiles,

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