Sunday, March 25, 2012

13 The Musical. Part One. Rehearsals

I thought I would finally share why the heck I haven't been blogging for a long time.
The Simple Answer: Musicals take over your life.
I have literally spent everyday for the last 5 weeks at a rehearsal.
So... here's an inside look at all my crazy friends and I backstage.
Before the actual show.

Me and Drew!

Matti with TWO HEADS!

The Movie Scene. Something gross just happened.

Mr.Martin was confusing me by telling me I needed to sit on the top of the chair while sitting on the bottom. Man..

Movie Scene <3

Evan's going to just call his Bar Mitzvah off.
"WHY?" asks Patrice.

My mother, doing Casey(Kendra's) hair for the musical. She used to have dark hair, remember?



Kali and Casey both saw my mommy for their new hair.
Next up... Katy! (:

Kendra* being adored by the cheerleaders in "Get me What I need"

And... the so many  kisses.
Drew and me! (Evan and Patrice)

This explains itself <3

Matti and Dakota(Archie and Brett)

Fabulous, no?

This is Part 1 of my 13: The Musical Diaries! (:
Part 2: Sitz.
Is coming soon.


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