Saturday, June 2, 2012

A High School Graduate's Post

August 27, 2008.
The day I first started at Lewiston High School.
I don't have any "first day of school" pictures.
But this is the earliest one I could find of me in February of 2009.

The next four years went by extremely fast.
I've done 4 musicals.
Little Women


Once on This Island

13! The Musical

I've gone through school with two choir trips, two All State trips, and four District II trips.

Washington DC


Been apart of Women's Chorale, Chamber Singers, Chamber Choir(The name changed when Avery arrived) and Diaboli Musicae (later changed to Jazz Choir)



2012 Chamber Choir

Made so many friends and best friends.
2010 Gym Class

All of these friends. These moments. These shows. These ensembles.
They've made me who I am today.
And yesterday I became a High School Graduate.

Mumma and daddy

My Aunt Joline and Michaela


Singing my last High School song with my girls, Court, Patterson, me, Kirstin, and Kali

My darling Phedward, who has known me since I was born <3

We took a similar shot last year. Roles reversed. Cousins <3

And finally my Best Friend Forever Since Half Way Through Ninth Grade
Sarah Michelle Wing <3

Class of 2012.
We did it!

Best of luck & Smiles,
Leslie <3


  1. i never thought u could do it!
    so proud of u lesley!

  2. hey leslie congrats and all i was just wondering where are your novels?? i really liked reading them and i wish i could know how Love You to Death ends!! love your work and congrats again on hs! (:

    1. Funny Story... I wish I knew how Love You To Death ended too! I am stuck exactly where I stopped posting on Chapter 9. All my novels got deleted for some odd reason, but I believe once I can get my blog caught up again I will start posting some more stuff! And thanks so much for the congrats (:

  3. ur posts r so rare these days! wher the hell are u, lelslie! and ditto that commnt ^^^^ wher r ur novels 2?!! I wnted to go back and catch up on them even tho u havn't added new chpters in awhile but I can't even find the early chpters?! what the fuck?! I missss themmmmm!

    1. Hahaha. I am SO sorry. Like I said, one day, I went on the blog and they were *Poof* gone. I have been on vacation(Writing Post at the moment!) and with a concussion(will be in vacation blog) but I PROMISE on Chace Crawford's life I will post more often. I have BIG plans (:

    2. good! cannot Wait!!!