Friday, June 29, 2012

I fancy{Niall Horan} Friday

As you may all know.
I live, breathe, and sing One Direction.
Over vacation, in our rental car, we listened to their wonderful Album about a million times. For my dad, that's a lot.
But... it's them.

This is a 3-part I Fancy.
Next week, Zayn and Louis.

So, We'll start with my boy.
I love them all, but... Niall James Horan.
Nialler <3

Um... let's think about how many of my The Boys I want to date before I get Married Fabulous 7 are checked off with this kid.

2. Someone Irish.
6. Someone in a band.


Oh, and unlike my wonderful, yet, young cousin who loves them so much.
He is my age.

I realize I'm delusional, but... this "dream" of mine has led me to start a new novel.
Called, The President's Club

Anyway, Niall.
Always the odd one out.
Has a brother.
Not British.
Oh well, he's adorable.

And he's always hungry.
I love food too.

One of my favorite things is the "Niall Challenge"
where you forget about your diet for a whole week and eat whatever you want.
Ha! What diet? I already do that.

I had to reblog this.
It's so true.

Signature Style.
Red polo. Red polo. Red polo.

1 out of 5 amazing boys.
I can't wait to blog next week!

NiallerLove & Smiles,

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