Monday, June 25, 2012

The Vacation Blog

WOOHOO! Back from vacation!

Which means (hopefully) a more steady blog.
Starting today with my VACATION POST!
And next week, I promise on my 18th birthday party's life, I WILL POST AN...

This is the first place we went on our lovely stay in Florida.
We arrived via plane Sunday June, 03 and made it to our AMAZING first hotel at the Marriot Grande Vista. For some reason I didn't take photos, but... it was like a dream.

First day. Animal Kingdom.
Everest <3 Met a cute guy's father using the single rider's line.
Chris. Music student. Just graduated from high school.

Here I had the best orangy smoothie thing ever.

Next Day! We went shopping at the Florida mall. BIG. They played One Direction because I requested it. 
LAME FACT! BFFSHWTNG and I had a count... how many cute boys could we find in 14 days? Answer coming soon (:

Sea World was pretty sweet too. Pretty amazing!

We literally ate while surrounded by Sharks. Very expensive.
I tried Sweet Potato Mash... never again.

We then headed to Hollywood Studios where I made it into the second round of American Idol (I made it to the show last time I went) and went on my favorite ride in the park!

The Tower of Terror. 
When we went on the 7th time, the guys working joked that it would "Be our Last"
So when we jumped in line for the 8th time right after, he gave us fist bumps and gave us the VIP treatment.
Front and center.

At The Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios, it's a 1950's style place and I didn't finish my mashed potatoes. So... the waiter put them... on my face.

Also, Hollywood Studios had the highest cute boy count in one day at 78 (:

Something I surprisingly enjoyed.
 The Kennedy Space Center.

It was a blast to learn about the Hubble Telescope in 3-D, really learn about the first men on the moon, and all about the Apollo missions. The Flight Simulator wasn't too shabby either. What a BLAST! 
hahhaaha. I laugh at my own jokes.

Busch Gardens.
This was my favorite place BY FAR!

This rollercoaster is the same at the Griffon in Virginia, but... this park was themed better and has much more to offer.

Cute TWINS took this (:

When we went on a safari adventure, I was the "Honorary Navigator"

Probably the best picture EVER! :D

These were our views from dinner! 

It was a great day, but ended unhappily because i got a really bad migraine, plopped on the bed, and woke up in the same position in the morning... completely dressed.
Sarah said she had to check if I was breathing because I looked dead.

Then Sea World AGAIN!
The Manta is so fun. I loved it.

We saw this cool show called Alure and it was so amazing we saw it twice (:

This was also moving day.Traveler's Advice:
Why? Because we didn't have hot water 5 times. Garbage Disposal leaked. No trash bags or toilet paper. We originally couldn't get into our room because the key didn't work. It was always freezing. 

AKA. The trip around the world.


 Italy for mom's birthday (:
We had the same waiter that we did in 2009!


Getting ready for the fireworks (which I hate)

I didn't like it here at all.
Except that we met up with Kirstin and her family for a Friend Filled Day.
But... too hot. Too many lines... not enough to do...
This is our own interpretation of One Direction.
Liam. Harry. Zayn.

Probably the most... interesting day.

The coolest sky write ever.

 Funny Story.
One day, a clumsy girl named Leslie went into the Mexican bathroom in Epcot. When she turned around from the sinks, she thought there was a hallway leading to the door. So she spun around, walked forward, and BOOM! Face + wall = concussion.

Yes, the reason why I have not posted this until today is because I had a concussion. 
So, the end of my vacation was fun on the surface.
No more roller coasters (Except the one I shouldn't have gone on the next day)

Universal Studios. Again.
This time, so much fun (And a little painful)
The rides were more like attractions. Just... a lot of the 4D, 3D stuff made me not feel so good from all the movement, but I still went anyway. 

That led to us spending this night at a Florida Emergency Room.
The Universal people wouldn't take no for an answer.
They wanted to make sure I didn't have any damage.
So we spent 5 hours there.

*Good Thing*
I know it sounds strange that this would be cool, but in the waiting room, Sarah and I met a really nice guy. Jeff. He was there because his friend hit his head ice skating (IN FLORIDA?!?!) and he took note of my confusion and asked questions like, "Where did you park your purple hippopotamus?" or "Did you know the grass is yellow on Wednesdays?"
But adorable.
a blondie that was MY AGE. 
As if we met in a place that you'll probably never go to again.
Oh well.

The next few days were just packing, shopping, and relaxing until our flight home.
Traveler's Advice:
Don't Use United.
They weren't very nice to us. They didn't have our seats even though they were confirmed.
They tried to have us leave Sarah behind.
....Not happening.

Overall, it was a great vacation.
Full of fun stuff and incidents.
Great food.
Averaged 50 rides on things.
(Top two: The Manta and Tower of Terror)
My best friends.
My wonderful family.
Just.... good time.

Vacationfun & Smiles,

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