Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Sunday Reunion.

On Sunday, my family had an unusual get together.
My oldest cousins Alisha and Angela from out of state came to visit.
Which means they brought their kids!
Whoa. Party.
I know what you're thinking... "There are two of them. There can't be that many."
Ha! Between the two of them, I have 10 second cousins.
Which is AWESOME.

Anyway, we went up to a house in the middle of no where and had a fantastic day out by the water and in the wilderness (sort of)

The Greenery was mesmerizing. 

Cool Ginger Ale on a Warm Afternoon by Veronica when she played with Niall.
Note. My Ipod Lola had her life taken from her so fast.
Mum accidental washed and dried her.
Thus, new Ipod named Niall.
With a new case. Red with white polka dots.

My GORGEOUS cousin Laura (top) and Michaela(bottom)

The lighting in the shadows was actually as white as this picture lets on. Just the border was added.
I love it.

Swimming. Finally Swimming.

The second littlest girl in the family.
So cute.

I just fell in LOVE with this bridge.

All the girls in the family minus cousin Sarah!
Angela, Alisha, Veronica, Laura, Michaela, me, and Ashley!

And... representing the 1/2 boys... PETER! Or as I call him Peanut, because he's really allergic to them (:
We just missed Shane.

It was a pretty fantastic day actually.
I love my family and all the crazy kids.
I just hope I won't have to wait years to see them again.

FamilyHappiness & Smiles,

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