Thursday, June 28, 2012

What a wonderful day.

Monday, Casey and I went to Freeport (Our favorite place to see a movie) and had a grand old time.
Note.I know it seems tedious to some that we take lots of pictures of ourselves.
But this is what we love to do.
I love photography and being creative.

Anyway, rant over.
We saw Taylor.
Quick Story. I went to orientation at USM last Thursday and Friday and met some Great people like Taylor, Margo, Mallory, Patrick, Ashley, and Garrett*

Technically, Taylor saw us. Because we were crossing something off of our Bucket List.
Dance on Top of a vehicle in the pouring rain. CHECK.
And it was even One Direction.

We saw Brave.
So good. Go and see it. Right now.

Then we took the usual photos.
BUT! I spent a little extra time on Picnic this time.

 See? We had a great day.
We ate at Johnny Rockets.
Predictable? Yes.
Delicious? Yes.

BacktoNormalLife & Smiles,

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