Saturday, July 7, 2012

Everything I could ask for 18.

Let me start out by saying that my 18th birthday was fantastic.
Here's some of the stuff Casey, and Bffshwtng did on this
  Tuesday, July 3rd.



Took Bellybutton pictures (Bffshwtng even let me draw on hers for the first time!)

I'm officially 18!

It was pretty exciting.

We fell asleep after I opened my card and got an adorable purse from my mommy at midnight.
Then breakfast at Starbucks.

Now... From my Party on Friday...

Mitchel and Tizzy.

I made the greatest cake... ever.

And my actual Birthday.

The Girls made me a lovely sign for the back of the van.
"Honk it's my 18th birthday"
All day, we got 18 honks.
The 18th one happening exactly at 9:08 p.m. The time I was born into the world.

We did a photoshoot.
Had a BLAST.

In between all this fun stuff, we did indeed see The Amazing Spiderman.
And it was just as Amazing as the title implies.
First off, I was Amazed that it came out on my birthday. Movies don't normally come out on Tuesdays or my birthday. The last year that happened was when Powerpuff Girl, Like Mike, and Men in Black II came out. I chose Powerpuff girls.
Second, I was Amazed because... it had so much real emotion.
Plus I laughed a lot(people started to stare), Cried a lot (People started to stare) and gripped onto Bffshwtng's leg when something went terribly wrong.
Just look at Andrew Garfield's I Fancy Friday (: and you'll see.
I love him.
Anyway. GO SEE IT.
You won't be dissapointed.
And if you are... may a giant lizard come through your toilet.

They made me this sign. Never told me.
Then when went to Applebee's for dinner, Casey held the sign over my head.
My face turned bright red.

Kirstin met us at the restaurant because she had to work in the day time.

Bffshwtng and I worked on our handshake.



When Casey and I went out later that night, we went to Walmart for free hugs.
I got 7.


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