Friday, July 20, 2012

I fancy {Liam and Harry} Friday

This must be called the adorable day, because... Liam and Harry are absolutely... adorable!


Starting with...
Liam James Payne

One of my* boys as divided up in the friendship of Kirstin, Bffshwtng, and Casey.
And I also get Niall remember.
Silly Kirstin.... HOW COULD YOU TRADE LIAM!!?!?!

Yes, bud, I <3 you too.

Mixing my two boys into one picture (Sort of)

He's always so serious, which is why he is indeed "Daddy Liam"

But when he lets go, he's absolutely adorable.

Oooh Liam.

And onto Bffshwtng's dreamy 1D counterpart..

Harry Edward Styles.

The most dimply, strangest (Well... he's competing with Niall for oddness? Let me think about it) Most smiley member of the band.

But come on... He's definitely Stole my Heart.. what about you?
Yes, that was 1D irony.

What can I say? He's a cutie. Serious or not.

Yes, Harry, I love you too.

There we have it. All my I fancy posts for the massively lovely band One Direction are finished.
Only 341 days until the concert.


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