Friday, July 27, 2012

I fancy {Patrick J Adams} Friday

So, let's just say I've been a bit of an addict lately.
I'm on a Buying kick: laptop, car, concert tickets, text books.
I'm on a Yummy kick: Shortbread cookies and Lady Grey tea.
Oh. And I'm on a Lawyer kick: Enter Suits. My favorite show to the tellie.

With one of the leading men being the boyishly handsome Patrick J. Adams

Right? Yes.
So he's a little old for me.
I normally strike the age limit at Chace Crawford.
But come on!

Who can resist the wit? The charm? The sheer TALENT of this guy, who takes an impressively convincing shot at being an associate of Harvey Spector.
Oh, Mike Ross. If only you were real.

Also charming about this guy is his twitter.
Yes, I am obsessed with twitter.
Follow me. @musicislifex14
Follow him. @halfadams

If you don't do any of that... at least do Harvey and Mike a favor.

 Or they might sue you.

Catch up on Suits Season 1 by renting the netflix and becoming a shut in for the weekend while only watching Suits and Nothing BUT SUITS.

ILoveSuits & Smiles,

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