Friday, July 6, 2012

I fancy {Zayn and Louis} Friday

Week 2 of the boys.
Next week. Harry and Liam.

Zayn Jawaad Malik.
(Or Zain before. Whatever)

 The adorable, sensitive one.
Loves to sleep.

His eyes are what probably makes him most fascinating. 
He ALWAYS looks like he has something to say.
Something to attend to, like he's listening.
That's so charming.

And his hair... he probably uses more hair product than I do(I rarely use any)
It's just so... perfect. Ooooh Zayn.

Since all of my group of friends have a certain One Direction member to themselves (Except me. I received 2 of them) And Zayn is "Casey's"

And here, he reminds me of two other famous people.
A little bit of Rob Kardashian (You cannot deny that at least in this photo they resemble each other)
And only in the eyes, Avan Jogia.

Louis William Tomlinson 

Louis is Kirstin's boy.

I think that he and Eleanor are adorable together.

I love this picture.

Signature Stripes.
He's adorable.
There you have it Louis and Zayn.

OneDirectionLove & Smiles,

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  1. oh it's super (excuse me i'm french so...) i love Louis and Zayn so much they are so beautiful and so (talentueux in french !) super !!:p