Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Team USA: Gymnastics

In the midst of the Olympics, I have noticed a few things.
A) I cannot swim well, flip well, nor do I have an excellent backhand (Or, any backhand really).
B) With 529 members on Team USA, we are well represented by 268 women and 261 men.
C) A lot of those 261 men are kind of attractive.


I swear, besides the Great Britain Team (Um... Max Whitlock, Sam Oldham, and Daniel Purvis anyone? Come on, they're the type of guys you just want to hug and watch romantic comedies with. Plus, Daniel is a ginger so he wins by nature) Team USA has an extremely handsome team. Also talented.

I was *sigh* so disappointed when I found out they placed 5th in the Team Finals.
Happy that Team GB got bronze (though I won't even touch the Japanese controversy *robbed*) but saddened by the fact that in prelims we WERE ahead by a HUGE MARGIN!

Anyway. Team USA.
Men's gymnastics.
*I will attempt to spell names right*

First, we'll start with Jonathan Horton

Then John Orozco

And Danell Leyva

Meet Jacob Dalton

And finally, my personal favorite(no offense to everyone else)
Sam Mikulak

And the women...

Meet... Alexandra Raisman

Gabrielle Douglas

The girl I feel bad for because they should have STOPPED FILMING HER CRYING!
Jordyn Wieber

McKayla Maroney

And the ever adorable Kyla Ross

I can't WAIT until the individual competitions.
So exciting!
And I hope I spelled their names right!


Olympics & Smiles,

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