Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The biggest week. Ever.

This past week has been... um CRAZY!
So many big things have happened that prove I'm growing up.
1. Zayn.
Yep. My lovely first car. With the license plate SMIILES

2. I got a job!
I had my interview Friday and got called Saturday.
I get to start today! (:
This means....
I can afford car payments.
I can afford the rest of what I owe USM aside from loans/scholarships.
I can afford to get a new phone (Because Cocoa is falling apart)
And! I can actually afford the One Direction, Boys Like Girls, This Century, and The Cab concert tickets I've gotten.

3. I bought a laptop. Her name is Daisy.
I'm using her now...
Which means I can actually type more without having to be bored in front of the normal computer.

4. Became a Registered Voter.

5. I bought two different concert tickets this week.
A) This Century in Portland.

B) BOYS LIKE GIRLS!!!! At the House of Blues.

In September.
Funny story. 
We got the same seats as when we went to see A Rocket to the moon.

6. We went up to my Aunt Janice's summer house by the lake to see my cousin Dr. Sarah from California. We never get to see her.
Plus! Her brother Shane was there. I also never see him.
And we tubed in the rain.
Saw a turtle.
Ate delicious brownies by a nice woman in stripes.
We ALSO* visited my Matante and Uncle, because they live really near to Aunt Janice's. 
We had yummy chicken and chai tea and corn and potatoes.
Plus, we watched the olympics.
Win, win win!

Yep. What a fab week.
I hope you have a fab week!

Goodtimes & Smiles,


  1. this is all so eexciting! what's your job?

    1. I'm a cashier at Hannaford Supermarkets! (Or will be, once I start training)