Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Turn Around Trip.

1 car.
3 girls.
5 cds.
6 u-turns.
11 padiddles (at least)
20 punch buggies (at least)
50 miles of trying to get back to Route 1.
Ah, the great teenage adventure.
Of Monday.

 The gorgeous state of Maine.

 The whole reason we went on an adventure was to find another Gelato Fiasco place.
Found it.

That chunk is like... supposed to be a "chip"

My gorgeous best friends.

We took a 7 hours trek to Rockland (No. It did not take 7 hours to get there)
But we got a little side tracked... a lot.

1. The Cab: Symphony Soldier.
2. Neon Trees: Picture Show.
3. The Downtown Fiction: Let's be Animals.
4. One Direction: A compilation of everything.
5. The Downtown Fiction: Pineapple E.P.

We went 15 miles before we realized we had no clue where we were.
Only 1 general store.
So... we headed back 15 miles.
Grr... me and my stubbornness. 

The sites of Maine are so pretty that Bffshwtng and I were thinking... maybe we should take a longer trip somewhere. Next summer.
When we have a car.
Or money.
Or a job.

The yummiest biscuits on the planet.

And this adorable little place we went by. Bffshwtng loved it because it shared her name.

If you have nothing to do one day, just take a friend or two. Pile up in a car. Make SURE you have a kidnapper's backpack. Gas. CDs. Water. And then go to google maps, pick a destination and just drive.
The beauty might astound you.
If it doesn't, the good times with your friends should keep you happy!

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