Friday, August 10, 2012

I fancy {Beau Mirchoff} Friday

So...  William Beau Mirchoff.

Yes. Your heart SHOULD warm when he smiles.
So genuine.

He is the real star of MTV's Awkward as Matty.

He's so charming in all the interviews I've watched of him.

Always looking handsome in his shirt and tie.

Look at that cute little smirk.

And of course, he reminds me of Sammy from my book Love You To Death.
If there was a movie about it, Beau should play Sam.

Watch the smile and swoon.
Watch. Swoon.
Watch. Swoon.
Watch. Swoon.

Yep... that's really all I have to say about it today. Just watch, swoon, and enjoy.

I've gotta buy my tickets for The Downtown Fiction and The Maine (YAY!)
and then get ready for work.
I smell Express lane in my future.

Fridays & Smiles,

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