Friday, August 3, 2012

I fancy {Ryan Lochte} Friday

Olympics Season.
Let's meet the most gorgeous Olympian of the season.
It is also his birthday.
Show him some lovins (Not difficult to do)
Ryan Steven Lochte.

Why hello, Ryan.

Funny story.
I have a friend that looks like him.
Well... we're kind of friends.
Friendly Acquaintances?
Wow, he's gorgeous.
Both of them, actually.

And very fast. I have to say, I enjoy watching him swim not because of how pretty he is, but because he is insanely fast. Anyone that can really compete with Michael Phelps is amazing in my book and Ryan does it well.

Maybe it's his goofy nature.
Or the slightly quirky side smile smirk he gives.
Or, wow, the freckles.
I'm a sucker for a few things: A nice nose, tall stature, strong shoulders, and freckles.
He possesses all four.
Basically, aside from the fact that he's 28 today, he's like... perfect.

Plus, he has great hair. Very luscious.

You can't say no to the face, right?
Nose, nose, freckles, nose, freckles, 6'2", hair, shoulders, freckles, nose.
Goodness gracious.
Stop being so cute, Ryan.

I know, I know, Mr. Olympian, Impossible.
Happy birthday Ryan!
Come on guys, spread the love, spread the word, spread the post, whatever.
Just... celebrate Ryan Lochte.
He is amazing after all.

RyanLochte & Smiles,

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