Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Cab Adventure

I basically had the Best Night of my Life last night.

Anything that ends in a new (very soft and Flynn Ridery smelling) The Cab Tour shirt being signed by everyone in the band + some of Parachute.

But before that ever-loving-goodness came... "The Journey"

I picked Sarah/Bffshwtng up around 10:45 and we were on the highway after gas and breakfast around 11:17.

This was our first Roadtrip out of state as a team.

Eventually we made it to this sign (The first sign of freedom)

And then we crossed... into New Hampshire (We cheered!)

And then... The Bridge.
We made it. 

This is where the fairytale ended.

We headed into Cambridge to find The Garment District (Very disappointed)
Got lost walking the wrong way down the street.
Got charged an extra 9 $ for parking because we were 7 minutes over the one hour mark (And they gave us a Silver Dollar for change...)
Got severely lost trying to find our way back onto 1-93 south.

Just chillen in the car.
Stuck by the Science museum for 45 minutes.
Used my MASTER SKILLS and changed into my jean skirt and sparkly shirt while stuck in said traffic.
THEN got stuck on the bridge for an hour and a half.

Our lovely view of the car in front of us.

Weird Things That Happen While Driving in/with Zayn.
1. Cute guys asked us if we were drinking and driving.
--We had red solo cups filled with lemonade bought from some business-seeking littleones.
2. Cute guy caught me dancing out "One Thing"  on the bridge and proceeded to laugh and watch, all amused.
3. In traffic, the same person stared at us for about 15 minutes.

Yeah... good times.

Finally we made it around 6:30.

Free Parking! YAY!

We watched Katelyn Tarver.

Blurriest picture basically ever of Alex 
but... the rhythm was SO LOUD.
It was Amazing.

We (kind of idiotically) missed some of Parachute's set because we were in line to meet Katelyn with our new friends Sofina and Abby who LOVE:
The Cab, The Maine, One Direction (they're also going in June!), Boys Like Girls... all of the stuff we love.
*Instant Friends*

Signed tickets!

Quotes from the trip.* "My HAND might be missing" -- listen to "Animal" by the Cab and replace "Heart" with "hand" in the chorus. Whole new meaning.

And then... we met... EVERYONE.

Katelyn Tarver

Alex from The Cab.
He was a little... interesting.

Landen from Joceyln (A band that's been promoting by following the Cab around)
They're actually really good.
We bought their EP and listened on the way home.
Oh! ANNND, for all you Mainer's who like music but always have to drive out of state to see bands... Sarah and I are trying to convince them to come up sometime. Landen said he's always wanted to visit.
*Tour Guides*

And the CRAZIEST part of the night?
Dylan. Ronan.
Outside the concert Bffshwtng and I were just chilling, waiting for whatever was going to happen.
And... I see a very familiar looking boy.
"Sarah... is that... Dylan?"
She thought I was hallucinating... until I called his name and he came over and recognized us. He lives in Boston now with his new band Cry baby. 
We had an actual conversation with him.
Dude. I used to sing in choir with him.
He got all excited like, "Guys! These girls are from my HOMETOWN. Representing Lewiston!" 

But he's always been a sweetheart, hence the lyrics "Thank you for being such a sweetheart. Thank you for having the voice of an angel."

Me and David Blaise (This Providence bass player, anyone?) also plays for Katelyn.
Why we met?
I complimented his shirt.
And offered to take it from him.

Possibly the funniest duo, Joey Thunder and Dave Briggs.
AKA. Salt and Pepper.
(Thanks for the tickle, Joey)

And Alex Marshall?
Awwww, he's a cutie.
I asked him if he'd ever seen Tangled.
It's the smolder, right?
I was high-fived by a girl for pointing this out.

Will Anderson.
That shirt clearly likes me.

Chantry? I do believe this is Chantry?
It took Google and Twitter to figure this out.
He SAVED us from a deadly cough.
"You thought I was being rude.... but in the end... big twist -I coughed."
He also plays cello like a boss.
And sings like heaven.
Ohh... Chantry

We had a fancy time getting lost on the way home.
Thanks, Gulf man, for giving me a closed exit and sending me on a 20 minutes detour.
Thanks, 7/11 guys for getting us home with great directions. You SAVED US!
Final Arrival Time home: 3:47 a.m.

It. Was. Awesome.

Seriously, go listen to Jocelyn, Katelyn, the Cab, and parachute.
You won't regret it.


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  1. *ashamed* about only 1 hour ago I found The Cab on youtube. I had never heard about them before. I really like the "Temporary Bliss" song, and still have to see if the rest of their songs sound just as nice :)

    Btw, I found this page/blog via google when trying to find more information about The Cab. It was fun and entertaining reading about the journey/day :)

    Greetings from the Netherlands (yeah sorry not British)