Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The This Century Adventure

Concert Adventure #2 of 2012
Holly Heist
Derek Wilkinson
Kid's Gotta Do

So, yeah. Casey and I went to see one of our Favorite Bands OF ALL TIME (Okay, I got introduced them through TasteKid ((EPIC SITE, by the way)) around Christmas-time) and it was AWEESSOOMEEE.

First we found our way there, realized we had two hours to kill and made our way to Forever 21 to spend money we don't have.
I bought a SUPER CUTE black dress with lace detail, a bow headband, pink sport thing, and a gold belt. Under 50 buckaroons. AWESOME.

So anyway. 
Got there. Bought merch. Listened to music. Met musicians.

*Excuse ALL of the shininess on our faces. Flash tends to do that to people.
we weren't sweaty or gross. Well.. some of the Guys WERE sweaty... but none smelled GROSS so.... yep.

Now... watch Casey's shirt go from One signature to all.
I got all mine on the back (:
 Joel from This Century.
Cool Story
Once upon a time at this concert, only 4ish people knew most (If not all) The songs the band played. Me, Casey, and 2 random girls. Well, Joel thought he'd trip us up by playing "Money Honey" thinking OOOH Nooo, they won't know this.
THINK AGAIN! Casey and I sang along to every lyric we could (Exception.... "Bleach Blonde" it's less familiar to me as it is newer)

I do believe these are Sean and Alex Silverman.
Super sweeties and ultra observant.
They noticed that we knew all the words.
Street team anyone?

Meh. I don't know his name. But he was so cool.
He played Bass with Austin Gibbs and This Century. 
Dude. I'm so sorry.

I don't even care that this picture is a little wonky.
Creepy?  Alittle.
Awesome? YES.
Oh, Ryan... please stay adorable. 

The funny Austin Gibbs. Who, during "Held her a Little too Tight" stopped singing for a few seconds, looked at a girl, and said "LOOK AT ME!" It was funny.
And then.. JUST BECAUSE it's me...
he asked us, "How's everyone doing tonight?"
And I clapped... and I was the only one.
Awkward moment.

This guy! Derek Wilkinson had a wicked cool Carter Hulsey band sound and we didn't meet him until... we were leaving and he STUCK HIS HEAD IN CASEY'S window. "HEY THERE!" and we were all like, "Ooh. Hey! We thought you left and didn't get to say hello..."
So we got out, and took a picture.
Couldn't find a Sharpie... so he gave us the Set Lists from the Night and signed them.

So.... yes, it was a good night.
Go to iTunes and look up Kid's Gotta Do.
APPARENTLY, the singer person, Matt goes to USM.

Yeah. Countdown till Boys Like Girls

AwesomeNight & Smiles,

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