Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Written Word {LYTD} Wednesday

As I've promised... here is Chapter 1 of Love you to Death.
So... if you're new to it, enjoy it...
If you've already been introduced to the story... RECAP.

Also. Daddy and I went to a redsox game Sunday.
These are our seats.

Pedroia hit a homer.
Ciriaco was amazing.
8-6 was the final score.
Met a couple of interesting characters from Medford.
Rode the T (And used plenty of purell, never touching anything)
A good time, honestly.

Here it is.

Warning* Bad words and an overuse of semi-colons (I was going through a phase) are inside this writing. Read at your own risk.

Chapter 1

            Funerals became iconic for Sam Phelman and I; it’s where we’d meet and eventually we’re we’d say goodbye. I know funerals are hard on most people because it’s hard to say goodbye to someone you’re close to; a person you care about; a person that’s special. Well, Sam was my something special and neither of us could know what we’d put each other through until it happened.
            He’s put me through everything; heaven and hell, pain and pleasure; he’d drive me mad and he’d drive me wild. Sam was my everything and I was his, and he would hurt me so many times in our future. But what he did most; what he did best was love me more than anything in the entire world.
            Meeting him at the funeral happened by complete chance. It just happened to be that the funeral was for my best friend’s father. And Sam just happened to be my best friend’s brother’s best friend’s brother, who wasn’t supposed to tag along. But technically, none of us were supposed to be there. Anna’s father’s death was a surprise to us all; a sudden heart attack on their vacation to Florida. It was tragic, and the family was a wreck. Even Anna’s half-sister Caitlyn flew in from California to be with the family. That was a sure sign that everything was falling apart.
Their mother was trying to be strong, but you could tell through the perfect blonde hair and stiff smile that she was in pain. But if I had just lost my husband, I would have felt the same way. Mrs. Macallister was never one to cry, or show anything but happiness and joy, until now. Anna said that she was extremely depressed and could barely get out of bed. Anna’s older brother Brian was really the one holding everyone together, but he wasn’t happy that Caitlyn was flying in. You see, Mrs. M was Mr. M’s mistress. They met at a work party, and they fell in love. When Mr. M told Caitlyn’s mom that he was in love with someone else, she went ballistic. However, she was unhappy in their marriage too, so they divorced and she took Caitlyn with her to California. Brian was born less than 7 months later, and Caitlyn blamed him for her parent’s divorce for a long time. They were on cordial terms, but only because they shared a father that had just died. This week that she was staying with them should be interesting.

                        *                                  *                                  *

“Hey Brooke,” Anna sighed when I walked into the funeral parlor.
“Hey kid, how ya hanging in?”
“Oh, you know, like my skydiving person pushed me out of the plane with no parachute,” she hugged me. “I actually want to leave right now; can we please go to the beach?”
“Sure,” I popped a grape that Anna had just put out onto the platter into my mouth. “It’s plenty warm outside. Let’s go to the Charles and dive in.”
“Seriously, Bee, I just need to get away. Let’s go to Boston for the day or something; retail therapy, anything.”
“Okay, sounds good to me. Do you think we can get out of school tomorrow?”
“Yes! That’s perfect. My mom said I don’t have to go back until I’m ready, and I’m not ready to face all of our friends and teachers. So, tomorrow, we’ll go to Boston and go shopping. I can have my mom call yours to get you out.”
“Whatever, my mom won’t care. I’ll just say that you need to get out and my mom will call out sick or something.”
“Cool, it’s a date.”
Then she burst out crying.
“Oh! Anna, no, don’t cry, you’re going to be okay,”
“No, Bee, I want my daddy back. I miss him and I need him, and I want him to come home. And I’m sick of everyone being sorry; I don’t want people to feel sorry for me. I don’t need their concern or their sorries; I just need to be left alone.”
“I know, I know, but you have me here. And you have Brian, and-“
“Hello, hello!” Caitlyn rushed into the back room we were in. She was holding a load of bags and a baby in her arms.
“Oh, want me to take her?” I offered. She handed me the child to me without any hesitation. “What’s it’s, uh…name?” I asked.
“Emma; her name is Emma.”
“Oh, okay, hi Emma,” I made kissy faces at her and she smiled. Anna was almost done crying.
“Hi…Caitlyn,” she sniffed.
“Anna, why so sad?” she asked. Was this a joke?
“Nice, Cait, why the fuck do you think she’s sad?” Brian walked into the room and demanded bitterly. I had to agree with him on this, what kind of a question was that?
“It’s nice to see you too, Brian. Your sister just flew 8 hours to come and see you with a crying baby, thanks for the hello.”
“Half-sister,” he corrected. “And I’m sorry, but you haven’t given a shit about us since I was born, so forgive me for not rolling out the red carpet. And you didn’t come out here to see me; you came out here to see your father.”
“Brian,” Anna cried. “Stop it, you’re not helping anything.”
“No, Anna, let him all his feelings out right now.” Caitlyn said with a condescending smirk tugging on her lips. “That way the next two weeks I’m here we can be all clear.”
“I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to speak to you, and I certainly don’t want you under the same roof as me. You hate my mother, which implies that you hate Anna, and you certainly don’t have a liking for me, so yeah, let’s be clear. Get the fuck out of here.” he said.
“Guys,” I cut in. Emma started crying from all of the tension in the room. Right after that, both Brian, Anna, and Caitlyn started yelling at the same time. “Guys! Stop it! I know we’re all having a really a hard time with this, but please, right now is not the time to take it out on each other. Just…stop.”
They all sighed the same way. “You’re right,” Anna agreed. “Let’s just… leave it alone. This isn’t what we’re here for, and this isn’t the way he would have wanted us to act.”
“Fine,” Brian said. “Anna’s right.”
“Yeah,” Caitlyn agreed. Emma stopped fussing as soon as everyone else stopped fussing.
“Thank you,” I said. Then Mrs. M walked in and announced that they all needed to line up and greet the guests coming to pay their respects. Anna hugged me, Caitlyn asked me to watch Emma, and Brian asked if his best friend Tyler could hang out with me for a while. Whatever, it’s not like I had anything better to do.
I put Emma on the table with me and started playing with her. We bounced and we played with a teddy bear; I read her a book, and talked to her (though she didn’t say anything back) “Em, Em, don’t you think that your mommy and Uncle Brian should get along?” I said. “Yes! Yes they should, and then everyone can stop yelling and everyone can be happy!”
Tyler walked in and sat down. “Hey Brooke,”
“Hey Ty, what’s up?”
“Oh nothing; babysitting?” he motioned to Emma.
“Yeah, Caitlyn’s daughter; I offered for one second to hold her and then they all started fighting and they left her with me.”
“That’s…fun. Wait, Caitlyn as in….The Evil Stepsister?”
“-Half sister, but yes,”
“And they already started fighting?”
“Oh yeah, she asked Anna why she was crying. And Brian was all ‘why the fuck do you think she’s crying?’ And blah, blah, blah; it was pretty nasty.”
“Is she staying with them?”
“Yeah, for like, two weeks,”
“So I guess I should avoid their house,”
“You are a smart boy,”
“Thanks,” he looked at his watch awkwardly. “Do you know how long this is supposed to be? My brother has a gig to get to.”
“Uh, I think it goes from 6-8.”
“And, respectfully, I should stay how long?”
“Well, since it’s your best friend’s dad’s funeral, I would say… a half hour? You should pay your respects to Mr. M, then shake hands with the family and stuff; take this baby from me and give me a break…”
“I will,”
“Oh thank God,”
“-But only if you do something for me,”
“Anything, I will sleep with you if I have to-kidding.”
He made a face. “Gross, you’re like sister. That’s disgusting.”
“Okay, what is it? Please, just take this baby.”
“Okay, okay,” He took her from me and smiled at her with his dorky face. He was that adorable nerd look. He had dark rimmed glasses over big brown eyes, and he had retro-spiked dark brown hair, and he loved grandpa sweaters. “So, what I need you to do is go out and tell my brother that we have to stay a little longer than expected.”
“Okay… and why is this a big deal?”
“Because he’s not going to be happy that we’re not hitting the road right away; He’s not the friendliest fish in the sea, and he doesn’t like things don’t go away, so he’ll be pretty pissed. He’s in the black Impala. Just tell him that I said he can freeze his ass of waiting in the car, or he can suck it up and come inside and chill with us for a little while. You will be my hero.”
“Okay, sounds like he’s a child, but it should be easy enough; what’s his name?”
“Oh, sorry, his name is Sam.”
“Okay, see you in a few.”
“Good luck,”
‘Not the friendliest fish in the sea’. Tyler was so cute; he loved little puns and metaphors like that. I grabbed my bomber jacket and threw it over my purple tee, pencil skirt, and patterned tights with my high-heeled boots. Then I walked out of the funeral home to look for a black Impala. But I didn’t know if it was new or vintage, because those cars changed drastically from the mid-sixties to the 2009 model. But there was really only one black car that was running in the parking lot playing “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles. I figured since he’s in a band, he might go for some classic tunes, so I eased up to the side of the window and tapped the driver’s side.
He rolled it down and gave me the look over. “I am not into hookers,” he said.
“Excuse me? I am not a hooker.” I scoffed.
“So who are you then?”
“Are you Sam?” I asked, growing increasingly annoyed and uncomfortable. I crossed my arms over my chest.
“Tyler sent me out here to tell you that you can freeze your ass of waiting in the car, or you can suck it up and come inside and chill with us for a little while. I am not a hooker!”
“The dipshit! He said we’d be in, we’d be out. What a fucking prick,” 
“It’s Mr. M’s funeral. I think you can suck it up so your brother can be here for his best friend.”
“And who the hell would you be?”
“And I should care because…?”
I rolled my eyes.
 “Look, don’t be an asshole, and make your mind up. It’s really cold out here and this is not a winter jacket.”
“Not my problem,” he sighed. “Tell the little fucker I’ll be in in a few.”
“Fine,” I huffed, turning. Then I yelled, “Not a hooker!” one last time before I went back inside.
“Whatever,” he called.
I stalked back inside and sat down at the table where Tyler was playing peek-a-boo with Emma. “Well?” he asked.
“He called me a hooker.” Tyler started laughing, which hurt, I did not look slutty! “It’s not funny; do I look like a hooker?”
“Well no, but it’s funny because Sam said it. He has no filter, Brooke. I apologize in advance for anything and everything he says and does.”
“He can’t be that terrible,”
“Oh, you’ll see, he is.”
He walked in only a few seconds later, looking extremely careless. He had a leather jacket, black v-neck, worn jeans, converse sneakers and had dark brown hair that was wild and unruly; the laid back hot look.
“Tyler, who’d you knock up?” he looked at Emma.
“Oh, you’re so funny, Sam, this is Brian’s niece,”
“It has to be, there’s no way in hell you had it in you,”
“Classy,” I exclaimed.
“Oh,” Tyler said. “Sam, Brooke; Brooke, Sam,”
             “We met,” he said.
            “Do I look like a hooker to you?” I demanded.
“Not in this lighting.” He laughed lightly. “You have to forgive me, it was dark…”
“That’s no excuse.”
“I’m sorry, you looked like a hooker in the dark! You look nice now,”
“Whatever, apology not excepted.”
“Really, Brooke, I am sorry I said you were a hooker, I take it back. You look hot, and I apologize for anything I say to you in advance,” 
“Funny, that’s what Tyler said. Are you that sure you’ll say something offensive?”
“I told you he would,” Tyler said.
“Trust me, I’m an asshole, I’ll offend you.” He shrugged, using his thick Massachusetts accent.
“Alright, so we’ve got that cleared up,” I clapped my hands and stood up. “I’m going to check on Anna, and now that you’re here, you should pay your respects.”
“Eh, I don’t know…”
“Dude,” Tyler said. “She’s right, we can go together.”
They got up and got in the line to see the body and greet the family. I took Emma from Tyler and went on the other side of Anna. “Where did you go to a few minutes ago? I saw you leave and then come in looking annoyed.” She said.
“I wasn’t annoyed…”
“Yes, you were,”
“Well Tyler sent me outside to get his brother and he called me a hooker and started swearing and stuff. Of course I was annoyed.”
“Wait, Sam?”
“You met Sam?”
“Yes, he’s in line,”
“Sam’s here?”
“Yes! He’s in line,” I pointed.
“Oh god, you met Sam.”
“What?” I asked. Her blue eyes froze.
“Just... don’t talk to him.” She snapped quickly.
“Uh, okay… why not?” why was she acting so weird?
Tyler and Sam were fast approaching and he got to Brian in line.
“Sammy! What are you doing here?” he asked.
“Brooke talked me into paying my respects.”
“Her,” he waved at me. “With the purple shirt,”
His face got the same horrified expression that Anna had, with the exact same blue eyes.
“Oh, you met Brooke,”
“Yep, I did.”
What was up up with these people? Who is this kid, what was so wrong about him, and why did my best friends have these weird looks on their faces? I mean, what does him being a charmer have to do with anything?
“Anna,” I got her attention again. She was making sibling eyes with Brian, and I couldn’t read them. “What does Sam have to do with anything?”
“Nothing,” she shook her curly blonde hair. “I’ll tell you tomorrow,”
I went back to the kitchen area with Emma and played with her a little while longer. Tyler and Sam came in, looking like brothers.
“Well it was just fireworks to meet you, Brooke, but we gotta jet.”
“Yeah, we’ve got to meet the band in Boston.” Tyler told me.
“Okay, well it was such a dream meeting you too. Stay respectful,” I saluted.
“Stay off the streets,” he winked, grabbed his jacket, and left.

                        *                                  *                                  *

“Mom?” I called, walking into my suburban home that looked like the rest of the blocks. I had gone home with Anna and then walked over. She lived 5 houses down the street from me, and the only difference between the outsides of our homes was the color. My house was white, and her house was brick with yellow detailing. “Mom, Dad? Haley?”
Silence; great, no one’s home.
I went into our messy kitchen and found a note on the table.

Brooke, gone to dinner with the family. Call Tara, be back later. There’s some left over spaghetti in the fridge. Love, mom.

Thank you mom... they get Cracker Barrel and I get leftovers, just perfect.
I ate my spaghetti and then called my older sister Tara. Her fiancé Daniel answered. “Hello?” he asked.
“Hey Dan, is Tara there?”
“Yeah, hang on one sec, okay?”
Then he yelled for my sister and I heard her footsteps running. “Brooke?” she asked.
“Hey, mom said you called?”
“Yeah, where were you?”
“Mr. Macallister’s funeral,”
“Oh, that’s right; sorry.”
“It’s cool; what’s up?”
“I was just wondering if you could go to a dress fitting tomorrow afternoon in Boston.”
“Oh, uh… well I’m going to Boston with Anna anyways, so I’ll ask her and we can just stop in like really quick and then leave?”
“Why are you going to Boston? It’s a school day.”
“Because Anna needs to get out of her house, her mom’s depressed,”
“Oh, okay; 1:30 at Flynn’s?”
“Sure, see you then.”
“Bye Bee,”
“See ya.”

My sister Tara was getting married to Daniel in two weeks. So, we had to get our dresses fit for the final time before the wedding. But now that would put a time damper in me and Anna’s day. I called her. “Hey, do you think we could stop by for by dress fitting at Flynn’s while we’re in Boston tomorrow? The wedding party is there and everyone is making sure they fit and shit,”
“Yeah, sure, whatever,”
“An, you okay?” I asked. She sounded really upset.
“Yeah, I’m just really tired and it was a long day. Brian and Caitlyn aren’t speaking, so I’m in my room doing homework and-“
“No wonder you’re so sad. We’re not going to school tomorrow, stop doing your homework.”
“You’re right. I’m going to go to bed, and then see I’ll meet you at your house at 8?”
“Yeah, the train leaves at 8:25,”
“Cool, and we can just walk to the station?”
“Sure, I mean… it’s kind of cold, but I don’t want to pay for parking. So, sure let’s walk.”
“Cool, see you in the morning,”

I painted my toenails and took a shower than called it a night in my purple room. I put my head on my glow in the dark Brooke pillow and feel asleep.

                        *                                  *                                  *

Oh my god, I forgot to turn my fricken alarm off. It’s 6 a.m. and I do not need 2 hours to get ready for Boston. All I needed to do was curl my hair, get dressed, put on my makeup and put my money in my purse. But, of course, I have this stupid sleeping problem where after I wake up, I’m up; me and daylight do not go together. So I did my homework for an hour and then got ready. I got dressed for a cold Boston day. So, I wore my cute jeans and my emerald v-neck with a white knit cardigan and my green knit beret. It looked really good with my curled hair, so I did that and put on my pink lip-gloss and got my purse all ready. Then Anna showed up at 8 on the dot.
“Hey Bee,” she said, walking in.
“Hey, are you all ready?”
“Yeah, you?”
“I just have to grab my jacket.” So I got my emerald pea coat and my white scarf out of our coat closet and headed out, locking the door behind me.
            As were walking, I could see my hot breath against the extremely cold January air. It was 8 degrees out and my nose was about to freeze off. Even my ears were cold, even though I had a mountain of curls to block the wind.
“Why did I agree to walk again? It’s freezing,”
“Because you didn’t want to pay twenty dollars for parking when we live five minutes away from the station,”
“I take that back. No twenty bucks is worth freezing my ass off.”
“That’s twenty extra dollars you can spend on starbucks or shopping?”
“Well yes, but its cold. Seriously, how are you not dying of hyperthermia or getting frost bite on your cheeks?”
“Because clearly I am a super human prone to getting frost bite. Just suck it up, Bee, we’re almost there. I can see the station from here.”
“Mhmm, you better, or I would have thrown you off the train!” We laughed all the way to the station. When we got there, we bought our tickets and hopped on the awaiting train. It was only a half an hour train ride, so we ate breakfast on the way down. We sat facing each other, because I liked sitting backwards and she hated it.
“Why can’t you just sit on my side for once?” she asked.
“Because I like the mystery of not knowing what’s coming.”
“What if another train was about to hit us, or there was a flying moose in the air? You wouldn’t know we were dying until it was too late.”
I snorted my cup of coffee half way out my nose, I laughed so hard. “A flying moose? We’re not in Canada, Anna, we’re not even in Maine, and there are no moose.”
“Upstate!” She defended herself.
“Uh-huh,” I rolled my eyes. “Besides, I don’t want to know that I’m going to die, I’d rather it happen spontaneously.”
“You mean like what happened to dad?”
Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.
“Oh, Anna, I’m so-“
“It’s okay,” she smiled sadly. “I’m getting better. I just don’t want to think about him today. So, let’s just… go shopping, spend my mom’s Amex and go to your wedding thing.”
“Ugh, don’t remind me.”
“It’ll be fine; you know you’ll look fab,”

The train arrived and we immediately took the T to Quincy market. Then we shopped for a while, bought clothes with her mom’s credit card and bought some of our favorite gelato. Even thought it was 8 degrees, we still enjoyed a good gelato. A scoop of coconut and a scoop of chocolate for Anna, and a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of
Tiramisu for me. I know, I know, the two don’t go together for a lot of people, but it’s what I’ve been getting since I was little. I like to eat them with a bite of each flavor and then I reverse it. I’m a little strange when it comes to the way I do things; sitting backwards on the train, not being able to fall back asleep, and now this.
            After gelato, we walked in the freezing cold over to Copley Place and shopped around the stores. We hit Coach, Christian Dior (Not that we could actually afford anything in those two places) then we went to Victoria’s Secret and finally ended up at American Eagle. We grabbed all of the most random stuff we could find and hit the dressing rooms. As we were trying things on, I asked her, “So, what was up with you and Bri yesterday?”
“What do you mean?”
“With that Sam guy; you were making your weird sibling eyes at each other and freaked out when I said I met him.”
“We did not,”
“Did too,”
“Well, we just never thought you’d actually meet each other, and we wanted to keep it that way. We want to keep it that way,”
“Why?” I said, sliding on a pair of really tight pants. Then we exited our stalls and showed each other our ridiculous outfits. She was wearing a short sleeved button down that was plaid in bright tie-dye colors. It reminded me of shirts that teachers wear and think they look cool. The ones with the pocket protectors and a pen attached; I loved those. Then she had a pair of black jeggings that were way too small and also reminded me of teachers; specifically chemistry ones with creepy smiles. Finally she paired it with a pair of wedged sandals and a bright blue bag; perfect. “Wow,” I said. “You know, I think you should mix up the style a little more, you don’t seem out there enough. I mean, you are clearly dressed for summer.”
“Obviously, and you look… yuck.”
“Thank you,”
“No, no, the color; it’s like you are wearing your own vomit.”
I laughed at that, because it’s exactly what I was wearing (Not my vomit, though.) It was a really ugly puke green peasant blouse with white skinny jeans a size too small and some clunky slippers in lemon yellow; hot.
“Thanks A,”
“But seriously, why do you not want me to meet him?”
She sighed, trying to figure out if she should really tell me or not. But she finally caved. “Because Bri and know that you’ll fall for him, and he’s bad news.”
“He… dropped out of college to join his band, he swears, he’s had a string of groupie girlfriends… he’s your type of guy. And we’re just trying to protect you from him.”
“I don’t need protection, but thanks.”
“Really Bee, he’s one guy I know you’ll fall for. He’s really perfect for you, actually, but he’s a dangerous one.”
“Danger is my middle name,”
“I know! That’s why you should never see him again!”
“It’s highly likely I will anyways, you goose,”
“Okay… I’m just warning you…”
“Yeah, yeah,”
Oh, little Anna, worrying all about me and the dangerous ones. She was totally right, I did love danger. If there wasn’t any, I got a little bored, a little fast. But I could change, everyone can. Besides, I don’t believe in the true ‘bad boy’. They just don’t exist. All boys are just mushy on the inside, even when their exterior is a cool as ice. For example, my first boyfriend was in kindergarten. His name was Tanner and he loved to jump off the swings. Jumping off the swings was definitely against the rules, and that brought us together. But then one day he fell and scraped his knee. And he cried. So, that was over quickly.
Next, take Johnny. Second grade. He liked to fail his math tests; just didn’t think math was right for him. Long division was not his thing… until he got a Sylvain tutor and moved up to the advanced classroom. That was the end of that! Then we jump to Eighth grade, Jake. He got expelled from his last school for fighting. I thought it was so sexy for him to fight, so we went out for 3 months… until I found out he was fighting because people called him nasty homosexual names and he was gay. And the reason he got kicked out was because being homosexual was not legal at an all boys Catholic School. Bye, bye, Jake. And finally, my last boyfriend was Travis in Ninth grade. We dated for 6 months. He had a foul mouth and six illegal tattoos, oh yeah, bring it on. We were going pretty strong… until it was found that his six illegal tattoos were airbrushed every 3 weeks, so that was over within five minutes.
I’ve never found a real bad boy, and I always accepted a challenge. They’re all mush. Their insides are filled with candy canes and lollipops. Their rooms have Superman and Spiderman sheets and posters. Bad boys aren’t real, and I was waiting to prove my theory wrong. So, if this Sam kid was anything like my previous failed relationships weren’t, I was so ready to take on the challenge. Like I said, danger is my middle name.

                        *                                  *                                  *

We got to Flynn’s right when Tara wanted me, and immediately all of her friends were like ‘Brooke! Oh! You look so pretty! The gown is going to flatter your skin tone so much! Blah, blah, blah.’ It’s like, shut up! I don’t care! Then they all started complaining about their marriages and their babies and their baby daddy’s not paying their child support. This is why I hate adults. They always complain that teenagers whine about their lives so much, but what about them? All they do is bitch and moan about grown-up life; it can’t be too great.
“Where’s your sister?” Anna asked, “These women are getting on my nerves.”
“I don’t know, let me see…” I looked for one person in the bridal party that I could stand. She was Tara’s best friend, Danaë, who was half Icelandic and half Chinese; making her one of the most beautiful women on the planet. She had that creamy skin and a perfect mix of eyes that made her gorgeous.
“Oh, hey Brooke!” she hugged me, “What’s up?”
“I am looking for Tara,”
“She’s in the dressing room. Do you want to try on your gown so you can get out of here?”
“Yes, please!” I smiled brightly. This is why I like her, she got me. She set me up in the dressing room and I tried on the gown. It was an orchid color, making my skin pop, and it was a strapless A-line gown with a sweetheart neckline and black bow at the waist. It was actually really pretty, and super comfortable, which made me a happy camper. When I went out, the evil bridesmaids swarmed again and told me how gorgeous I was and more blah, blah, blah. All I wanted was for Tara to get her butt out here, so she could see it and I could leave.
When she did get out, all of the attention surely wasn’t on me. It was all aimed at her. Her gown was so Tara it wasn’t funny. It looked like Vera made the dress for my sister; it was a v-neck with a soft A-line bottom and hand appliqué lace on net. It was gorgeous, and the ivory really brought out her skin color, just like the orchid did to mine. She had the same auburn colored hair as me and the  same creamy ivory skin with pink undertones, only her hair was in a-little-than-longer-chin-length-bob. And mine fell right above my chest. We did look like sisters, just she was 23 and successful and I was 17 and not.
“Oh, Brooke, you look so cute,” she smiled. “I’m so glad I chose that color for you.” She came down from her pedestal and hugged me.
“Well it wasn’t really a surprise, Tee, I knew you’d get this color. So, can I leave now?”
“Already? You just got here,”
“I know, but Anna’s here and we’re shopping…”
“Oh that’s right!” she searched for my best friend’s blonde curls in the crowd of chiffon and tool. “Hi Anna,”
“Hey Tara, you look really awesome. That dress is perfect.”
“Thank you, thank you,” she flashed her white teeth. “So, what are you girls up to today?”
“Oh, just shopping, eating gelato, and stuff like that.”
“Ooh, a fun girl’s day out. I could use one of those; wedding planning is not a fun thing to do. It is stressful.”
“I bet, all those flowers and cakes are such a pain to taste.”
“Ha-ha, you’re hilarious,”
“What is your cake, by the way?” Anna asked. I already knew the answer, because my sister had been dreaming of the same cake since she was twelve; just like she’d been dreaming of strapless orchid gowns with a black bow for her bridesmaids and a Vera Wang gown since she was twelve. I also knew that if she and Daniel were planning on having any children, she would persuade him to name their daughter Tiffany and their son Fletcher. She’d been dreaming of the perfect family for a very long time, and she wasn’t going to let Daniel get in the way of her dreams.
“It’s a French vanilla with a chocolate butter cream filling covered in a chocolate fondant with white and orchid details.”
“Oh Lord, I want some,” I said.
“Yeah, that sounds really good.”
“And what about the flowers-”she started to ask. I filled in the blanks.
“White calla lilies and orchids,” I told her.
“Wow! That sounds amazing. I’m excited for you,”
“Thank you,” she hugged me again. “The dress fits well I think, so you can change and take it home.”
“Home? Tee, I’m in Boston for the rest of the day. I do not want to carry around a large bridesmaids dress.”
“Oh, yes, yes. Fine then, I will have Danaë drop it off when she gets home tonight.”
“Thank you,” I smiled, heading back to the dressing room and taking it off. Then Anna and I hit the high road and collapsed of exhaustion after 3 more hours. Just in time to catch the train back. I rode backwards and ate a bagel with cream cheese all the way home, and she took a nap. She had her headphones in and I think she was thinking about her dad.  She rarely put her headphones in, and when she did, you knew that she was thinking and wanted to be left along, so I did.

When we got back to Winchester, Anna called Brian so he would pick us up. There was no way we were going to walk back with our 50 shopping bags in the now 4 degree weather. He got there two minutes later and drove us home. “How was it?” he asked.
“Great, we got a lot.”
“I can see, did you wipe out Dior and Coach?”
“Clearly,” I smirked at him, “Because I have fifteen hundred dollars to spend on a dress.”
“I don’t know, He makes some tight dresses and you look pretty good in tight things…”
“Gross!” Me and and Anna faked gagged. He always teased me about this, making me feel extremely self-conscious. He had a crush on me when he was a senior and I was a sophomore. But he filled that spot with his ex-psycho girlfriend Gina that he dated for a year. So now, it was back to making me feel really weird about myself. Thanks, Bri, I love you too. “Shut up!” I hit him. “You’re disgusting.”
“It’s not for me; it’s for the other guys that clearly want you.”
“You mean like… Collin?” Anna said.
We all burst out laughing. Collin was this kid that’s liked me since about fifth grade. Everyone knows he likes me, and he’s one the sweetest kids I’ve ever met. He’s not bad to look at either. He had done that huge transformation from braces and glasses to straight teeth and contacts; making his bright blue eyes and black hair really pop against his gorgeously pale skin. He was hot now, and had girls falling all over him, but he wanted me, and always asked me to go to prom. But he wasn’t a bad boy, so he clearly wasn’t my type. One of these days he’d learn…
“Yeah, like Collin,” he said, “Dude, why don’t you give him a chance? Everyone else wants him.”
“Well they can have him, he doesn’t have a dangerous bone in his body, and as someone mentioned today, there’s another boy that’s bad enough for me.”
“No, you are staying away from Sam,” Anna said.
“Oh no, you told her more about Sam?” Brian sighed in frustration.
“Well yeah, I thought I would warn her!”
“Anna, you don’t tell an alcoholic not to party, or a teenager not to sneak out. And you certainly do not tell Brooke of all people, not to pursue a dangerous guy.”
“Well, I’m sorry, she asked! And we know how much she bothers you until you actually tell her.”
“That’s very true, she is kind of annoying.”
“Um, hello! I’m right here in the back seat, and can hear every word you’re saying.”
“Yeah, yeah,”
We were already stopped at my house, but they were still arguing, so I got all my stuff an opened the car door. They kept bickering and so I yelled. “Bye, Anna! Thanks Brian,” But they didn’t hear me. They just kept on bickering about me and Sam and how that’s crazy and blah, blah, blah. Kids, I met him once, and it’s highly unlikely I’ll see him again. But, if they were going challenge me, challenge accepted. 

Love and Smiles,

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  1. Great to see your writing again, Leslie. And looks like the Red Sox was a lot of fun! -Sara