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Chapter 2 {LYTD}

Alright. As promised, here is Chapter 2 of LYTD.
I've been getting into the stride of things with school, so I'm going to try to pick up the pace with the blogging. Casey and I need to take her senior pictures (It's raining....) and Bffswtng and I are just barely being able to see each other every week (It's killing me) but I still am finding some time to get my to do list over with every day and getting new cds together.

Off to Shopping and Consumerism!
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Chapter 2

            Its funny how in one day, everything can change. One day you’re single and at your sister’s wedding and the next day you’re dating someone you just barely met. But when that change is an incredibly magical thing, it just seems okay. You never know what you’re getting into until it’s too late and you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into the City of Love. Well, that day happened to me. And it all started at Tara’s wedding, on February 3, 2010.

                                    *                                  *                                        *

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I gave Daniel a smirk as I passed him to go to Tara’s dressing room. The guy looked really happy, but extremely nervous. But, who wouldn’t? He was marrying away his rights as a single man to some girl with the psycho family he met in college. I would be peeing my pants too.
“Of course I am,” he smiled. Then he looked me endearingly. “Brooke, I love your sister very much. And I promise that I will take very good care of her, okay?”
“I know you’ll take good care of her, Daniel. I’m just apologizing for my family. You realize you are marrying into a psychotic family.”
“Well yeah, you’re in it,”
“Nice, I see my humor’s been rubbing off on you,”
“Of course, I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
“I’m excited now. I’m going to have a brother-in-law.”
“Yeah, lucky you. By the way, my brother’s a lucky man to walk you down the aisle, you look beautiful.”
I chuckled and hugged him, kissing his cheek. “See you out there, Hill. Don’t run away, or I will go after you.”
“I’m sure you would. But don’t worry; I’m here to stay,”
As I backed away and headed for my sister, I cocked my head to the side and asked, “How do you feel about the names Tiffany and Fletcher?”
“Is there something Tara’s not telling me?” he winked.
Then I went into the room of annoying women.
“Oh Brooke, you look so beautiful!” The room shouted. Already, I was annoyed with them. They all had very high-pitched voices and were always fussing over someone. Luckily, Tara walked out a second later looking all Bride-like and everyone stopped focusing on me. She liked the attention, I did not. Attention meant you were being watched, and that everyone was examining your every move and what you would do next. And that wasn’t my cup of tea, my cup of tea was keeping everything myself; perfect.
“Brooke, come here,” Tara gestured towards me. “Come see how gorgeous you look.”
“No,” I said. “I don’t want to see that,”
“Of course you do, come on…”
Because she was the bride and only that reason, I obeyed her. It was her big day, so whatever she wanted me to do, I would do it. And if that meant staring into a mirror and looking at myself like a narcissist, I would do that.
When I got to the mirror she hugged me and whispered. “You are my most beautiful bridesmaid and I am glad that I’m wearing white. Otherwise, everyone would be looking at you, not me.”
“Oh, shut up,” I said. This was embarrassing.
“Tara,” my mother walked in, wearing her mother-of-the-bride fancy suit. “Are you ready? We’re on in 3,”
“What?” She panicked. “Oh my god, Brooke, I’m getting married. Everyone; I’m getting married!” Everyone screamed and cheered and got in line. As we were going, I kissed Tara on the cheek. “Don’t worry about Daniel,” I said. “I told him if he ran, I’d find him,”
“Thanks sis, you’re the best,”

I grabbed my Calla Lillie bouquet and hopped behind DanaĆ« in line. Then Daniel’s little brother David took his spot beside me. He was a year older than me and looked almost exactly like Daniel, only a little shorter and with browner hair. And he looked really handsome in his black tux with the orchid colored tie. “You ready?” he asked. He had a thick Boston accent to his deep voice.
“Yeah, I guess so.”
“Alright then, put a smile on that pretty face of yours, it’s a happy day,”
“Shut up,” I hit his arm.
“Seriously, you could light up a room, smile.”
I gave in and laughed, creating a huge smile on my face.
Then the music started and we proceeded down the aisle and waited for the ceremony to end. It was absolutely heartwarming to hear their clear love for each other, but it was long and David kept giving me weird eyes to try to distract me. When it was finally over, we exited with our partners and took 2 hours worth of pictures. Even though it was February and freezing outside. Sometimes, I could really kill Tara and her stupidity.

I was starving by the time we actually got to the reception hall. The guests had already had cocktail hour, so it was time for dinner. But first, they had to call out all of the Bridal parties, the families, and anyone else that helped. When the Deejay called me and David’s name, I bolted for our seats; the sooner we sat down, the sooner I got food. And the sooner I got food, the sooner I was less irritated. “Now,” the Deejay announced with a drum roll. “Please help me welcome…for the first time as husband and wife…Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hill!” Everyone screamed and cheered and clapped. Then we all sat down and the meal was quickly served. Chicken Parmesan was my meal, and just as I was about to dig in, Tara whispered to me. “Brooke, could you go tell the band to start playing some elevator music and light tunes after they’re finished eating?”
I took a deep breath and sighed, “Of course I can,” I said through my teeth. I was so hungry and I was very grumpy. I needed food, but it was her day. One day it would be my day and she would have to put up with me. Sure, let’s go.
As I approached the band, they were eating delicious fillet mignon and chicken parmesan and shrimp scampi. My mouth was watering. “Hi,” I smiled impatiently, tapping my fingers against my dress. “The bride would like to know if you could start playing elevator music or light music as soon as you’re finished eating.” My eyes weren’t on the person I was speaking to, but the food on his plate.
“Of course we can,” a guy with some sort of accent that I couldn’t figure out said. “Whatever the bride wants, the bride will get.”
I was still eyeing his plate with envy.
“What, you don’t have your own plate of four hundred dollar food to eat off of?” a boy asked with a condescending tone. He sounded familiar, so I looked up and found myself face to face with Sam.
“Oh my god, you were right. You are an asshole.”
“You two know each other?” accent guy asked, clearly puzzled.
“Unfortunately,” I sighed. “Any other insults you want to throw at me today?”
“Well, you don’t look like a slut today; congratulations.”
Accent guy looked at the three other guys with raised eyebrows and clear suspicion from our banter.
“Thanks; that makes me feel so much better about myself.”
“You ready to accept my apology?”
“Right… that would be a no.”
“Does someone want to explain to me what’s going on?” accent guy asked.
“Nothing.” Sam told him.
“Yeah; absolutely nothing.” I agreed. “I’m Brooke.”
“That’s her name,” Sam narrowed his eyes at me with his intense cinnamon eyes.
 “Alright!” the guy with accent broke our stare down competition. “It’s nice to meet you Brooke; I’m Charlie, the front man of The Debate.”
“Hi Charlie,” I said, backing off on my attitude a little.
“Would you look a bite to eat before you pass out?” he asked.
He was my savior. “Yes!” he gave me a bite of the fillet and I was instantly brightened. Then he continued the introductions. “This is Scott, he plays bass. Derek here plays lead. And Sean plays keyboard.”
“What does he play?” I gestured to Sam. He held up a pair of drumsticks and shook them. “Now that makes sense,” I said.
“Drummer’s are usually assholes. But, my question is, are you a drummer because you’re an asshole, or an asshole because you’re a drummer.” And with that last word, I saluted and went back to my table while The Debate chorused I in a round of ‘ooh’ noises.

When it was my turn for a speech, I stood and looked at my sister. Everyone’s eyes were on my, including Sam’s, who gave a drum roll to get everyone’s attention. He held up the drumsticks and smirked. “Okay,” I said. I was so nervous, but I didn’t want to let it show. “Before the wedding, I saw Daniel outside of the dressing room and I asked him if he was sure he wanted to do this,” Tara exclaimed ‘Brooke!’ and everyone laughed. “And he told me that he loved my sister very much. And that he would always take care of her. I believe that you will, Daniel, and I commend you for that. My sister is an absolute psycho, just like the rest of my family. And I wish you the best of luck trying to get her to change her mind ever. She is very set on what she wants and is not afraid to get it. I am, however, really sad today because even though I am gaining a brother, I am losing a part of my sister. I’m going to miss her calling me at least once a week and asking me how I am, and I’ll miss shopping with her and all of our traditions. But I know that Daniel is the best possible husband on the planet for my sister, and that they’ll make their own traditions together. I just hope that you don’t forget about us little people and include us in on those traditions. I wish Daniel the best of luck, and I hope my sister never changes. And I love you both, so to a bright future full of family tradition!” And everyone cheered. I sat down, feeling triumphant the the words I just said, and then they cut the cake.
After that, Tara called all the single ladies out onto the dance floor for the bouquet toss while Daniel called all the single men to the other side for the garter toss. Before the cake, he had slowly taken it off, making me cringe at their intimacy. That’s something that I never want to think about, ever again. In fact, I’m done thinking about it now. I wasn’t even trying to catch the bouquet. Until I saw that Tara’s most annoying bridesmaid, Jillian, had her eyes on it. So, I took her out; payback for all that bitching about her problems.
But, when I sat in the center of the room, waiting for some stranger to put the garter on me, I wasn’t expecting Sam Phelman to show up and smirk at me. “Oh god, no,” I heard Anna exclaim. I looked over and she was covering her eyes from the sight of the boy she didn’t want me to speak to putting his hand up my thigh. This was really embarrassing. “Sorry,” Sam apologized. “This is weird,”
“No kidding, but you can put on a show.” I thought we’d do it just to make my best friend squirm.
He smiled devilishly at me, taking the challenge and slowly lifting my dress up. Everyone was laughing as he slid his hand with the garter up securely on my upper thigh. Brian looked green and angry and Anna was still covering her eyes.
 When we were finished, Sam winked at me again and headed back to his drum set so the band could start playing music. “That was revolting,” Anna said, grabbing my hand and going out to dance with her and Brian. “Out of all the luck in the world, he had to catch the damn garter?”
“Oh Anna, you’re so cute,” I smiled, bouncing one of her blonde curls.
“Speaking of cute,” Brian cut in, “You look gorgeous in that dress,”
“Not like a hooker, right?”
“No… why would you look like a hooker?” Brian asked.
“Never mind.”
“Anyway,” Anna continued. “Your hair is awesome.”
My hair was in a soft up-do with soft curls and waves framing my face. It made my auburn hair look really awesome.
We danced like crazy party animals to The Debate’s tunes. They were pretty sweet. They sang some modern covers and classic wedding songs like ‘YMCA’ and sappy love songs. His voice was incredible, and the talent those boys possessed on their instruments was incredible. At one point, Sam winked at me. I smiled, and Anna gagged.
Soon enough, the wedding was over, everyone had left, and the gang and I were exhausted. “Good job Tee,” I hugged my sister before we sent her off. “Great wedding,”
“Wasn’t it? It was just like I imagined; perfect,”
“Yeah, now go not have fun on your honeymoon,”
She smiled at me and kissed my cheek. “Bye Bee,”
“Bye,” I waved.

I went back over to my crew and sat down. The band came over and sat down too. “Hey,” Charlie waved.
“Hi, you guys were awesome.”
“Thank you,”
“Um… hi,” Anna said awkwardly.
“Oh, sorry!” I introduced Anna and Brian to The Debate and we drank left over iced tea. It was delicious and we got talking about the wedding and everyone. Soon enough, the iced tea got to me; I had to pee. I excused myself and went to the bathroom and peed and fixed my hair and stuff. When I got out, Sam was waiting. He was staring at a painting.
“Hey,” he smiled.
“Will you please accept my apology?” he asked.
“Why should I?”
“Because.” He put his hands over his heart and acted dramatically sincere. “I deeply apologize for my behavior earlier. Please, my the grace of God, please forgive me.”
“Oh shut up,” I rolled my eyes. “Whatever, apology accepted.”
“Cool.” He paused and then continued. “So… you like our music?” he asked.
“Yeah, you’re pretty good for a wedding band.”
“We don’t just do weddings,”
“No, we have gigs around Boston and Hartford and shit like that.”
“That’s so cool,”
“I guess so, we’re pretty broke though. But, uh, what kind of music do you like?”
Music? Really? This was his icebreaker?
“Um, I like vintage rock and indie stuff. Some pop/punk/rock stuff too I guess.  The Beatles, The Ramones, The Clash, The Pretty Reckless, The Maine…”
“Things with ‘the’ in front of it?” he chuckled.
“So… The Debate?”
“I don’t know; I haven’t heard your stuff yet.”
“Well then, you should come to our gig tonight.”
“Yeah, go backstage and meet my friends and hang with the band tonight. It’ll be wicked.”
“Well I don’t know…”
“Come on,” he ran his fingers through his think hair and smiled at me. That smile, it just flashed its brilliance and made me swoon a little.
“Let me talk to Anna and Brian,”
“But you’ll go?”
“I have nothing better to do,”
“I’ll take that as a compliment.” He shook his hair. “I’ll go get the guys and we’ll hit the road.”
“We’ll see,”
Ohmygod, Ohmygod, Ohmygod.
“Brian, where’s Anna?”
“Bathroom, why?”
“Sam just invited me to The Debate’s gig tonight.”
“What did you say?”
“That I’d check with you.”
“Please, Bri? Can I go and say I slept over your house?” I pouted.
“But we don’t want you involved with him.” He pointed out.
“I know but I think he’s nice, please?”
“Well you also have terrible judgment; I don’t. I really don’t think it’s a good idea.”
I gave him my puppy dog eyes. He couldn’t resist. “Ugh, fine.”
“Cover for me?”
I kissed his cheek, “Thank you,”
Right before Anna came into the ballroom to where we were talking, Sam called, “Brooke, we’re hitting the road,”
“Who’s we, why was he calling your name, and where do you think you’re going?”
I kissed her cheek too. “Don’t be alarmed. It’s nothing serious, just going to out, okay? I’ll call you later,”
“Brooke!” Brian whispered something in her ear and she calmed down a little.
“You better call me,” she shouted as we headed out the door.
“I love you too,”
And off we went to the gig in his oldie Impala, listening to oldie tunes.

                        *                                  *                                  *

I wasn’t expecting to drive 4 hours to the gig. It was late now and I started feeling drowsy halfway down. I didn’t know where we were going until I saw the flashing lights of Time Square. Ohmygod, we’re in New York City.
“You awake?” he asked.
“Yeah, you?”
“I would hope so, I am driving.”
“That’s true.” I yawned, waking up.
“So… here is your thirty five hundred dollars for your band; I forgot to pay you, so here it is.”
“Dude, thirty five is not what we agreed on. We were doing the gig for seventeen fifty.”
“But that’s Daniel and Tara for you, they liked you a lot.”
“No shit! This is enough to pay our rent for the month; thanks,”
“I’m just the messenger, don’t thank me.”
“Too late,”
He pulled up into the roof of a building and parked. Then he got out, reached for my hand and pulled me into the backstage area of a club. It was crowded. “So, I need to help set up, so I guess you can chill back here or go get a drink or something. If you get anything just say you’re with Sam, and ask for Stephanie, okay?”
“Okay, have fun. See you out there,”
Then he leaned down for a quick second and kissed my cheek. He smiled smugly at me, knowing he was getting under my skin.

I went to the bar and went up to this lady with long black hair and I shouted, “Is there a Stephanie?”
She pointed to a girl at the opposite end of the bar with short pink hair. “Thanks,” I went up to that end and asked, “Are you Stephanie?”
“Yeah, who’s asking?”
“Sam told me to tell you I was with him,”
She instantly brightened and smiled at me. “Oh hey, come on back.” She gestured to a lift up bar door and I went back with her.
“I’m Brooke,” I waved.
“Sam’s girl?”
“Uh, no. I don’t think so.” I stated. “He just played at my sister’s wedding this afternoon and invited me.”
“-Now the dress makes sense. I thought you were just really retro.”
“No, I was a bridesmaid,” I laughed.
“So he already invited you to a gig? And you met today?”
“Well, no. We met at a funeral actually.”
“Wicked, but seriously, He must like you,”
“I doubt that.”
“His band is very serious to him. Rarely does he invite people he just met.”
“Yeah, plus, they’re amazing. My dad owns this club and we discovered them at a bar mitzvah.”
“Now that’s retro.”
“I know, you’re in for a treat; they’ve been creating quite a fan base here.”
“I only heard their wedding selection, but I’m sure it’ll be incredible.”
“Be prepared to be blown away.” She got a few drinks and gave one to me, then looked over my shoulder and yelled, “Hey!” And this tall blonde person came over. I mean, gorgeously tall. Probably 5’ 10”, long tan legs, man I wish I looked like that.
“Hey Steph,” she said. Then she gestured to me, “Who’s this?”
“She’s with Sam,”
“Ooh, since when does Sam have a girl?” she practically yelled over the noise of the club.
“He doesn’t.” I repeated for a second time. “He just took me here after my sister’s wedding,”
“Yeah right.” she rolled her eyes at me, “Cool dress by the way; totally avant garde.” She shot her hand at me. “I’m Kendall,”
“Nice to meet you,”
“Look! The boys are getting on stage now; want to go watch from there?” she asked.
She grabbed my hand and brought be to the center of the room. Sam got to his drums, picked up his sticks and counted them off. Charlie was absolutely incredible. All of them were; much better than the wedding stuff, if that’s even possible.  They had a really retro sound, like the 60’s had possessed American pop/rock. I think what gave them the retro sound was Charlie’s voice. It had a slight edge to it sometimes, making him rock. Everyone went wild, and when they were done their fifth song, Sam found me and locked eyes with me, grabbing the microphone. “Hello New York Underground. In case you haven’t heard, we are The Debate, and my name is Sam. The next song we’re going to sing is dedicated to a very special girl tonight. Her name is Brooke, she’s in a ball gown and she’s standing in the center of the room. She’s a wicked awesome girl and you should get to know her. This song is called ‘Funeral,’ and that’s how Brooke and I met. Enjoy.”
“Not Sam’s girl my ass,” Kendall laughed at me. “I know Sammy, and he doesn’t dedicate songs to girls. Take it as a compliment girl,”
But I wasn’t paying attention to her. I was paying attention to the fact that Sam was singing to me. He was staring directly at me and singing. And it was beautiful. I wasn’t expecting him to be able to hold a note, just hit the drums. But he did, and he did it incredibly. It was like velvet was coming out of his mouth, the sound of velvet and pure dark chocolate. I just wanted to melt into his voice, so round and pure and beautiful. This song was ridiculously depressing, but he made it so I wanted to be in that depressing world. I wanted to be in his voice and in whatever world he sang to me. Yeah, my heart just melted.
When he was done, everyone cheered, but he didn’t take his eyes off of me. He was just smirking at me, until Kendall got my attention. “Hey!” She said. “I have an idea, I know Sammy’s going to want to dance with you and clearly you are not dressed to dance. So, I could do a little magic. I’m a design student and I could use a quick-fix model for my project. You in?”
“Uh…” Hm… should I stay in this dress, die of heat exhaustion and trip over my own feet? Or get a makeover? “Sure, let’s go,”
“Awesome!” she grabbed her purse, and apparently her studio and dragged me to the bathroom where girls clustered the mirrors; smearing their raccoon and smoky eyes, dabbing on lipstick and spraying hairspray. She took a before picture and asked, “Okay, now how much do you like this dress?”
“I was going to wear it to prom but-“she cut off my dress. She CUT OFF the bottom of my dress. To my mid-upper thigh. Skin, so much skin. The dress was pretty tight at that length, so it didn’t look stupid, but she threw the skirt on the ground and started hemming. “You already look so awesome,” she said. “Seriously, awesome,” When she was finished, she moved to my hair. She undid the bun and teased the hell out of it, letting my waves cascade down my shoulders. Then she grabbed her make-up back and opened up a new eye-liner, eye shadow, lipstick, and mascara. This girl came prepared. Before I looked in the mirror, she took an after picture and smiled brightly. “I am going to get an A! You look awesome,”
I turned to the mirror. Wait, where did I go? All I saw was this city girl with teased Auburn waves, a face masterly transformed into a supermodel, and a long pair of legs. Not much dress, just legs. “Holy shit,”
“Who am I?”
“Do you like it?”
“Yes, it’s awesome but… where did I go?”
“Silly girl, you’ve been there the whole time, I just geniusly unleashed your hot side. Sam is going to go nuts. Like, out in the middle of the floor he’s going to get a bon-“
“Too much information,” I stopped her. She chuckled.
“Sorry, it’s an inside joke. You just aren’t inside yet,”
“So, the guys should be done now, let’s go see the boys.”
Do you know how nervous this makes me? Getting transformed into this randomly- dare I say sexy- being? And with this gorgeous hot dangerous boy? Who can sing? Uh, tonight is certainly interesting.

When we left the bathroom, there was a new band on stage and the guys were with Stephanie at the bar. As we started to head over I stopped, “I can’t do this,” I said.
“Of course you can, you’re hot, go take that boy and command him with your hotness, and you’ve got this.”
I smiled at her confidence in me, even though that confidence didn’t exist in me.
“Hey guys,” she said. “You guys were great tonight,” she put her arm around Charlie. “Especially you Sam,”
“Kendall!” he smiled brightly, giving her blonde hair a scruff. “Where’d you take Brooke off to-”he stopped when he finally saw me. Maybe he didn’t even recognize me at first. It was a pretty big transformation. “Holy fucking shit, Kendall, what did you do?” he let go of her quickly and put his arm around me. “You look incredible.”
“Thanks, Kendall did it,”
“Honey, I just gave you the clothes, you command the look,”
“Yeah you do,” Stephanie said. “Brooke, you look hot,”
“Thanks,” Okay… so my confidence was slowly being lifted up again. Compliments tended to do that.
“Let’s dance,” Sam grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dance floor. We danced like I did earlier at the wedding; absolutely wild. The band was good, but not as good as The Debate. A little mucky at times, but still, good to dance to. We had to yell over the people and the music and the atmosphere. It was absolutely crazy, but we were having a blast. Kendall danced with Sean next to us and then went to get some drinks with him. They left us strategically at the moment that the new band on stage, The Helpless started playing a sweet song. Everyone coupled up and started slow dancing to the lead singer’s sweet words of ‘I will follow you into the dark,’ Sam pulled me close to him and started with the singer. “Love of mine, one day you will die, but I’ll be close behind, I’ll follow you into the dark.”
“Yeah, that’s a depressing song,” I said.
“I love it,”
“I do too, but it’s sad. ‘Blah blah, blah, one day you will die, but I’ll be close behind’? Dude, that’s depressing.”
“-Love of mine,” he corrected.
“You can’t say that until you have a love,” I smirked at him.
“I don’t already?”
“Is there some girl behind me I don’t know about?”
He inched a little closer to me and looked at me softly with his cinnamon eyes. “I really like you, Brooke,” 
I let the corners of my mouth turn upward just a tad and blushed. But I turned my head down so he couldn’t see it. A guy like him couldn’t actually like me.
He nudged my chin up with his hand, “Seriously, look at me, I think you’re beautiful and funny and charming. And I really like you,”
As The Helpless finished off the song, Sam grazed my chin with his thumb and looked me straight in my eyes as he kissed me. It was magical. His lips were soft and gentle and sweet, and as everyone cheered for the song, I was captivated by the kiss. Nothing else mattered in the world. He had my attention now; he had my undivided lip attention. I breathed in as he broke the kiss and put his forehead against mine. “What do you say to a date?”
“Right now?”
“Of course, it’s only… 3. I’ll take you to my favorite place in the entire world,”
“Wait- did you just say it was 3?”
“Yeah, why?”
Oh no, oh no, oh no.
“Shit!” I broke away from his grasp. “I forgot to call Anna! She’s going to be so mad at me, shit!” I ran to the bar to grab my purse, “I have to go call her, Sam.”
“Meet you outside?”
“Yeah, sounds good.”
“Kay,” he leaned in and kissed my quickly.
I gave a quick goodbye to Kendal, Steph, and the band and ran outside to call Anna. She was going to be so pissed.
I tried to get into a quiet spot in the club, which was not easy and still loud and dialed her number. She picked up right away, or… Brian did.
“Brooke Natalie Zamrock, you better have a good-ass reason to have not called us.” He demanded.
“What?” I couldn’t hear anything.
“Where are you? Brooke? Hello?”
“Hold on!” I yelled, I went outside the stage door and said “Brian?”
“Yeah, I’m here. Where the hell are you?”
“Um, I am currently at New York Underground. Technically I’m on a roof, but…”
“You’re where?!”
“New York City…” I said this cautiously.
“Brooke, you are in so much trouble.”
“I know! I know! But I’m safe and with Sam at a club and we’re going out to eat and I should be home in the morning. It’s a four hour drive.”

“Yes, Sam is taking good care of me, I promise.” Then I said, “Where’s Anna?”“She’s sleeping. It’s 3 a.m.”
“Of course, sorry again,”
“It’s fine. Be careful okay?”
“Okay; bye Brian,”
Then Sam jumped up behind and made me jump. “Ready?” he asked.
“Yes, you scared me,”
He laughed. “Sorry,”

Next destination; food.
We pulled up to this diner a few minutes later. It was one of those 24 hour ones that was a little old school. Sam opened my door and held my hand as we walked in. “Hey Sally,” he gestured to an older waitress that was about 50.
“Hey Sammy, seat yourself,”
“I don’t know, there’s only so much room left,”
She cracked a smile and hit him. “You are such a smart-ass,” she said. “Take a seat before I kick you out,”
“Yes ma’am.”
Sam brought me to a booth by the window and handed me a menu that was sitting between two fat statues of coffee. “Coffee!” I practically screamed.
“You like coffee?” he asked.
“My day is not complete without a hot coffee to wake me up, an iced coffee before school to get me through the day and some sort of run to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts after school for a pick me up.”
            “So you are addicted.”
“Yes. I am very much addicted to caffeine. It is my weakness.”
“What about food? Any addictions?”
“Um… PB&J, bacon, bagels, chocolate chip pancakes…”
“You know my weakness. Pancakes, chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite.”
“Do they have them here?”
“Do you think I would have brought you here otherwise? Burt makes the best in New York City.”
“That’s awesome,”
Sally came over and took our order. Chocolate chip pancakes and bacon, yes please.
“And what about guys? Any boyfriends I should know about? Addictions?”
“No, no, no. Me and boys don’t get along.”
“So you’re a… lesbian?” he gulped.
I snorted the thought of that. “No. I mean, it’s been a really long time since I had a boyfriend.”
“Any girlfriends I should know about? Groupies or… Kendall?”
Now it was his turn to snort.
“Kendall? And me? That’s gross. She’s like my sister.”
“Good?” he asked, raising an eyebrow.
“Yeah, because I like you too, and you having a girlfriend would really complicate things.”
“And so would you having a boyfriend,”
Sally brought over my coffee and I lit up.
“Thank you so much,” I said. “Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”
“No problem hun, your pancakes should be out soon.”
“Thanks Sally,” he smiled at her.
“How often do you come here?” I asked.
“Um, whenever I’m in the city with the band. Since we’re five guys that can’t cook, we kind of eat out a lot. Our microwave broke last week, so we can’t even cook frozen meals. Diners are cheap, so they’ve saved our asses on more than one occasion.”
“My family eats out a lot too; the only person in my family that can cook is Tara and she’s obviously not going to be cooking. So, it looks like Cracker Barrel and I will become very close.”
“Ew,” he scrunched his nose. “I hate Cracker Barrel.”
Sally brought over our pancakes and I reached for the bacon. It was so good.
“So you live your band?”
“Yeah, just us five and whoever Derek’s girlfriend of the week is,”
“We barely clean, and we never have any food. Other than that though, we have it made.”
“Sounds like it,”
“But, yeah. I don’t know, what’s it like on your end?”
“Well, I practically live at Anna and Brian’s house because my mom is annoying and my dad’s always drunk. And if I am at home I’m either doing my homework in my room or hanging with my sister.”
“No, the other one, Haley,”
“Oh, how old is she?”
“Twelve, so she gets on my nerves sometimes but it’s okay, I love her.”
“My sister is twelve too, Katie,”
“They should have a play date sometime.”
“A play date? What are they, three?” I laughed.
“Sorry, I just thought…”
“No wonder why it came out wrong, it’s almost 4 a.m.”
“And we’re not done yet,”
“The best time to see Times Square is at 4 in the morning, silly.”
“I’m too tired to argue.”
“Well drink more coffee and get awake woman! Maybe I’ll just kiss you again,”
“Fine, that’s your prerogative,”

After we left we headed to Times Square in the Impala and parked randomly. There were plenty of cabs going by, but other than that, it was pretty dead. We sat on benches and chilled out, and ran around in the freezing-ass cold. Then we hit all of the flashy places and took pictures by Radio City, Central Park, and my favorite being the one where Sam was kissing my cheek in that famous view of Times Square. By the end of the night, as we got in the car to drive a long way home, both Sam Phelman and I changed our relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ with that picture and ourselves tagged in it.


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  1. THis is a great chapter! I love the way you develop their relationship thru conversation