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Chapter 3 {LYTD}

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Chapter 3

            When I got home from New York City with Sam, I knew that Anna and Brian were going to be a little bit mad and a little bit surprised. But, I couldn’t tell who would be more mad than surprised. But the guess? Brian will be mad, and Anna will be surprised. Brian’s always mad when I do something a little dangerous. He just cares too much, it’s annoying as hell. But then again, he’s saved my ass so many times.
            Like this morning, for example.
            Sam woke me up when we got into Winchester, I was so tired. It was now eight in the morning, and I needed coffee.  I needed coffee really bad. You could tell. I texted Anna and told her I was almost at her house, and to open the door. It was Sunday, and the Macallister family hadn’t gone to church since Mr. M died. So, Sundays were days about sleeping late, doing homework, and doing nothing. Usually, we hung out and watched movies, or I slept over, but that meant that Mrs. M wasn’t up and Anna could just let me in, let me wake up, get me coffee, and send me on my way.
            When Sam pulled up to the house, I looked to see if my mom was in our driveway down the street. She was an early bird grocery shopper and like clockwork, she was gone. And Sundays were days that my dad recovered from poker night and worked double shift so he slept all day. No worries.
I groaned and stretched up, turning to Sam and smiling sleepily.
“Hello,” he whispered.
“Good bye,” I smirked.
“Not without a kiss, you don’t,”
“Alright, but if your mouth dies, it’s not my fault.” I leaned over and gave him a nice morning breath kiss. Yummy.
He laughed. “It’s not too bad.”
“Whatever you say.” I went to get out and turned back around, “Thanks Sam, for everything. I had a great first date.”
“Best one in your life?”
“Considering the last first date I went on was at a bowling alley, this kind of tops the list. Congratulations, you beat a freshman,”
“You’re so cute,”
“Thank you,” he kissed me again. “But I really gotta go before my mom comes home from grocery shopping.”
“Okay, see you later?”
“Call me,”
“It’s a promise,”
I got out, grabbed the bottom of my dress from the back seat and stumbled in my heels to the front door of Anna’s house. After wearing them all night, my feet were killing me. I needed to get off of them. There were blisters everywhere.
I walked up to the door and expected it to be open, but it wasn’t. It was really cold out here, and where was Anna? She was supposed to unlock the door for me! I knocked for a few minutes but no one answered. I texted and called Anna but it went straight to voicemail. I texted and called Brian; straight to voicemail. Are Was this a joke? It’s literally nine degrees outside. And I’m wearing a mini dress. And I’m locked out. Great.  
I saw two options at this moment: Go home and get yelled at by my drunk father and when my mom got home or throw rocks at Brian’s window. Since clearly I wasn’t going to do number one, I was going to have to trudge through the snow to get to Bri’s window on the side of the house. Even though I was clearly not dressed for it. I looked at the cold snow and slipped my feet in it; shit that’s cold. I basically sprinted through a foot of snow and frantically threw snowballs at his window, quietly whisper-yelling, “Brian Marcus Macallister! Get your ass to your window!” and after about 5 snowballs directly hit the window, he opened his window slowly, eyes half closed. “What the fuck are you doing?”
“Why the fuck isn’t your phone on?”
“Brooke, seriously, what the hell?”
“Open your goddamn door and let me in. I ‘slept over’ remember?”
“Shit, yeah, hang on.”
I trudged back through the snow and he opened the door, rubbing his sleepy eyes. But they popped open when he saw me. Actually, they more or less popped out of their sockets. “Brooke, what happened to you?”
“Shut up and let me in. And put a pot of coffee on, I’m tired.”
I took off my soaked heels and walked into the kitchen, “Where are my clothes?”
“In the bathroom?”
“Where’s Anna?”
“She’s sleeping. Don’t bug her; she’s not in a good mood,”
“Because… Caitlyn is staying for a lot longer than expected.”
“Because… Caitlyn left her husband in California.”
“Yeah, and Anna’s upset because Cait and I fight a lot and she’s getting caught in the middle; you know how she feels being stuck. I just don’t think it’s going to be a good day.”
“Now my question, what happened to you? You look hot,”
“Ew! Take it back, right now!”
“Sorry, you do. I take it back, now what happened?”
“Sam’s friend Kendall is a design student in NYC, so she transformed me for the night.”
“You must be freezing,”
“Oh, I am. I’m going to go change, and then cuddle on the couch with you for warmth.”
“Okay, I’ll make your coffee.”
I grabbed my sweatpants and tee from their foyer bathroom and changed quickly. Then I grabbed my fuzzy purple socks and headed out where Brian was waiting for me on their loveseat. He had my coffee on the table and I ran towards it and gulped it down. “Mmm,” I said. “Thank you,”
He was still half asleep, so he lazily turned on the t.v to reveal Sesame Street. Clearly Emma had been watching television last.
“I hope that’s not your new favorite show,”
“Brooke, I am tired. Can you just cuddle with me and sleep or something?”
            “Yeah sure, if I could sleep in the damn daylight,” I pointed out, “But I’m so tired from last night; it was kind of crazy.””
“Why?” he sat up and rested his head against the back of the couch so I could rest my head in his lap.
“Oh, no reason…” I let my voice trail off, smiling to myself.
“Brian,” I heard Anna yawn, coming down the stairs, “Are you down here?” 
“Yeah, I’m on the couch,”
“I got a text from Brooke asking me to open the door, and then I was checking facebook on my phone a few seconds ago and you’ll never guess what I saw?”
“Brooke. She’s in a relationship. With Sam.”
“You what?” Brian shot up, causing me to slide off the couch and hit the floor.
“Ouch!” I exclaimed, getting up.
“Brooke?” Anna walked over to the other side of the couch and saw me. “What are you doing?”
“Well when you didn’t let me in, I had Brian open the door. I was freezing.”
“No kidding, you were in a mini-dress,” Brian rolled his eyes.
“What?” her eyes were filled with panic now.
Anna sat down and I repositioned myself on her couch.
“What the hell happened? Why does it say you are in a relationship. With Sam?” she commanded.
“Because I am… We had a great time last night.”
“And just like that you’re in a relationship?” she used her hands to model what it looked like when two cars crashed. “Boom! That’s what your relationship is going to be like.”
I nodded doubtfully, “Yeah, that’s what you think.”
She thought for a second and relented a little. “…Okay… maybe he’s changed… Brian, since we met him.”
My phone vibrated in my purse next to me and I picked up. It was a text from Tyler.

Tyler: What did you do to my brother?
Brooke: What?
Tyler: He’s… happy. He’s… smiling. It’s creeping me out.
Brooke: Shut up.
Tyler: No, really. He hasn’t sworn since he got home. What did you do?
Brooke: Ask him.
It took him a minute to respond.
Tyler: You’re his GIRLFRIEND?! Are you CRAZY?!
Brooke: Shut up.
Tyler: Brooke, do you even know what you’re getting into?
Brooke: Yes, now stop talking to me. Enjoy Sam’s happiness.
Tyler: Whatever floats your boat, Brooke. Later.

                                    *                                  *                                  *
            As soon as I went home I attempted to go to bed, but I couldn’t. Because of the odds I have with daylight, I couldn’t. So I moped around the rest of the day, staying in pajamas and eating cereal while watching Mtv reruns. Mom was in and out, doing groceries, shopping, having her afternoon book club; everything under the sun to stay away from our house. I think she resented the fact that my dad was barely home because he worked two jobs. And when he was home, he was drunk or playing poker with his friends. I hadn’t seen my dad act like my dad since grandma died, and I figured he wouldn’t really change his ways, so I avoided him.
            I felt bad for mom though, she tiptoed around him so she wouldn’t upset him. If she ever did anything wrong, the fights were terrible. She had to get everything perfect for him or it was to hell with everything. The problem with my mom and dad’s fights though, was the fact that she never fought back. She’d yell a little and then surrender so he wouldn’t hit her. He never would though; he wasn’t that type of man. He may a foolish alcoholic, but he wasn’t a foolish alcoholic with a temper.
When my sister came in, I was on the phone. Apparently she had been out with her little friends all morning, probably sleeping over her friend Jenna’s house and avoiding our family. Now that Tara’s gone, we only have each other. She brightened when she saw me and put her bag down. “Is that your new boyfriend?” she taunted. How did she know? “I saw it on facebook.” That makes sense.
“Shut up,” I whispered to her, waving her away.
“What?” Sam asked.
“Not you, my sister. She’s being annoying.”
“Hi!” She yelled.
I could hear him smile and laugh, “Can I talk to her?”
“You. Want to talk to… my sister?”
“Yeah, I want to talk to your sister.”
I shrugged. “You’re nuts,” I looked at her and handed over the phone. “He wants to talk to you.”
“No smartass, the bag of potatoes. Yes, you, take it,”
She took it. “Hello?...Yeah… Haley, nice to meet you too…really? Ooh! That sounds cool...yeah, I saw it on facebook…Mhmm…okay…tonight?...yeah, sure, I’d love to…do you want to talk to her?...okay, bye!”
I put out my hand to receive the phone back and she hung up and walked away. “Where are you going? Did you just hang up on Sam?”
“Yeah, he didn’t want to talk to you.”
“Give me the phone!” I dialed him back and he answered; a little smile in his voice, “I knew you’d call back.” So I hung up. And he called back. I answered, “I knew you’d call back,” and he laughed. “You’re cute.”
“What did you say to my sister?”
“I’m taking you guys out for ice cream with my sister tonight. Katie wants to meet you.”
“Yeah, Tyler freaked out when I stopped in this morning and she asked a whole bunch of questions. I figured that instead of answering them for you, you could just kind of be my answer.”
“Well, okay. I’m not doing anything tonight.”
“Cool, I’ll pick you guys up at 7?”
“Yeah, that sounds perfect.”
“Awesome, see you then,”

My mom came home from all her activities around 6 and Haley and I were on the couch, watching some Disney show until Sam came to pick us up. “Hey, are you girls coming to dinner with us?” she asked.
“Um, we were actually going to go out for ice cream.”
“Oh, with Anna and Brian?”
“No, with Sam,” I said.
“Who’s Sam?”
“Brooke’s boyfriend.” Haley told her.
Mom looked at me, extremely confused. “Since when do you have a boyfriend?”
Well mom, since I went to New York City last night and had the greatest time of my life. Even though I was supposedly tucked away in Anna’s room. “Um, since yesterday I guess. He was at Tara’s wedding. He’s the drummer in the band that played, The Debate?”
“Oh, okay,” she acted like she didn’t want to talk about this anymore. Then she took her purse and went into the kitchen very quickly, without saying another word. I looked at Haley and she shrugged. I called to her, “He’s coming to get us at 7, okay?”
“Sure thing,”
This was so weird, even though she wasn’t vocal towards my dad; she was usually vocal with us. So, Haley and I just chilled until the doorbell rang. I answered it, it was Sam and a girl the same age as Haley that looked almost exactly like him, only in female form. She had the same hair and big eyes that he had, and a smile that made me light up when I saw her. Before Sam could say anything, she jumped in front of him. “Hi!” she shook my hand, “I’m Katie! It’s so nice to meet you!”
“God, KatieKat, calm down!” Sam declared, shaking her shoulders. “Brooke, this is my sister Katie, Katie, this is Brooke.”
“Hi,” I waved. Then I called for Haley even though she was two feet away on the couch. She came to the door. “Haley, this is Sam. Sam, this is Haley.”
“Hey,” he waved. “Now, Katie. Haley. Haley. Katie.”
“Hey!” they smiled awkwardly at each other. “Okay,” Sam clapped his hands together, “You ladies ready?”
“Yeah, let me grab our coats.” I grabbed my pea coat and let the girls go first. As they headed towards the car, Sam put his arm around my waist and pulled me close to him. He kissed my forehead and let his breath hit the cold air.
“I think they like each other,” I said, looking at the way they were already talking about everything. I know how they work, they meet someone and it’s like an explosion of your life story. I was twelve once too.
“I think I like you,” he said, turning to me and kissing me once on the lips. I looked at his long eyelashes and smiled. He continued, “I know we kind of had a whirlwind day yesterday; meeting by chance, you coming to New York, going out, and now this, but… I don’t know. It just feels right, you know?”
“I don’t think it was chance. I think it was fate.”
“I think you’re right.”
We got in the car and Sam pulled out into the street and drove to Friendlys. I watched his driving; not too slow, not too fast, stopped at stop signs and lights. He was aware of the road, which was a good sign. He was also aware that Katie and Haley could not stop talking. He turned around at a stop light and looked at them. “Kates, calm the hell down.”
“Sorry,” she made a face at Haley and laughed. They stopped talking as loudly but continued gabbing. “She’s cute,” I told him as we walked towards the entrance. He rolled his eyes at me and looked back at them, holding the door open for me.
“No, she’s psychotic.”
“No, she is. She looks just like her brother, she has to be cute.”
“Katie does not look like me.”
“Have you looked at her?” I asked. “She’s like you in a mini-female form. You better keep watch over her; boys will think she’s irresistible.” He smiled brightly as he took my hand and the waitress led us to our booth. He grabbed a menu and tried to put it in front of me, “Don’t worry,” I said. “I already know exactly what I want.”
“Mhmm. I always get the same thing.”
Sam studied the menu, and I noticed that when he couldn’t decide, his left eyebrow rose and twitched until he made his decision. “The peanut butter one.” He told our waitress. She turned to me and asked me the same question.
“I’ll have a scoop of coffee with hot fudge, gummy bears, and two cherries, please.”
“No problem,” she smiled. Katie got chocolate chip and so did Haley; it was her favorite.
“So,” Sam put his arm around my shoulder and snuggled me closer. “Haley. Tell me about yourself.”
She looked at him and tried to figure out what to say. “What’s there to tell?” she took after me in her sassy manner of responding to people. I was so proud. “I’m twelve. School sucks. Girls are bitches. Boys should go die. The End.”
He nodded and contemplated all of what she just said. “So, how should I go die?” he asked seriously.
“Oh, I don’t know, get hit by a car or something. Nothing too painful. But realize that boys do suck.”
“May I ask why?”
“You do not need to hear this story,” I interjected.
“Come on Brooke!” Haley said.
“Yeah Come on Brooke!” Sam batted his eyelashes at me.
“I’m curious now,” Katie added. I rolled my eyes.
“Well it is quite a tragedy. And I’m telling you now, Sam, if you ever do anything like this to me, I swear, we’re done.”
He raised his eyebrows. “Now I am officially curious, tell me now.”
“Alright,” she sighed. “A few weeks ago, there was this guy, Taylor. He really liked me, I really liked him. So, we started going out- or… texting and calling each other. I know kids my age don’t “date”. We went to the mall and the movies and hung out and stuff like that. He tried to move me really fast and I was like ‘Dude. I’m twelve.’ And he told me that he’d already had sex with like…two girls. I told him that I wasn’t a girl like that and that he could find someone else to go screw around with. So he did; my best friend, Jamie. She fell for his dumb hotstuff act and slept with him. I was so pissed. So, Taylor told all his friends I was a tease and Jamie took a picture me when I was changing in gym and photo shopped it to make me look like I had a huge butt. Now almost everyone I know laughs at me because of course the photo went viral. So, my best friend abandoned me, and everyone calls me fat ass. Which is not true, because I am the top swimmer at my school and do not have a fat ass!”
Sam looked at me for a sign that the story was true. “It’s true.” I said. Our ice cream came and he dove right in.
“Haley, that’s awful. What kind of a best friend would do that?” Katie asked.
“One who’s not my best friend anymore.” She said.
“If this kid ever bothers you again, Haley, you let me know. I’ll take care of him, okay?”
“Yeah, really. If you have any problems, let me know too! I’ll let Sam know and he’ll take care of it.” Katie agreed.
“And by take care of him you mean…” I asked, after taking a bite of coffee ice cream. Sam was finished his already, so before I put another bite in my mouth, he stole my spoon and ate it. “Yes, you may have a bite of my ice cream.”
“Sorry,” he smirked like a five year old. “Can I have a bite of your ice cream?”
“Well I guess so,”
After he was finished that bite he continued. “I don’t know… you know, like, I’ll make sure he never bothers you again. And this girl Jamie? Her too. If she ever bothers you again, tell me. A sister of my girlfriend’s is a sister of mine.”
I smiled and kissed him on the cheek, “That’s so sweet, Sam.”
“What can I say?”
Now it was my turn. “What about you Katie? Do you have any drama like Haley does?”
She shifted uncomfortably and looked at her ice cream. Sam caught on to her odd quietness and asked, “What’s wrong Kates? Is someone bothering you?”
“No. Well… yes. I guess so.”
“What is it?” he urged.
“Sam, I don’t think she wants to tell you...” I told him. He looked at me and frowned.
“Katie, you know you can tell me anything.”
“I know, Sammy. It’s okay. I’ll tell you later, okay?”
He bit his lip and I squeezed his hand under the table as he nodded. I changed the subject. “How about instead of that you just tell me about yourself.”
“Okay!” she instantly brightened up and told me about school and her friends. Now I was curious about her “drama” too. After that, we finished up our ice cream and Sam drove us home. Haley and Katie became like instant Bffs, so she brought Katie upstairs to show her bedroom to her. Sam walked me to the door and I invited him in. Mom and dad were still at dinner, so Sam and I sat on the couch. “I thought that went well.” I said.
“Yeah, I like your sister.”
“And I like yours.”
“And thanks for already having her back. She needs a guy like you.”
“Sorry, I’m taken.” He smirked.
We just kind of watched tv until Sam checked his phone and yelled for Katie to come downstairs. “Sorry, but we gotta jet. She has school in the morning and I should probably make it home so I can get a hot shower; we run out after the third guy and there are five of us. Katie!” he yelled again.
“If you ever need to, you can take one here.”
“You’re the best; Katie, let’s go! I don’t have all fucking night!”
“Hang on, let me go see. They might have some music on, kay?”
He let out a breath through his nice, trying to gain some patience. “Yeah,” I kissed him quickly and ran upstairs. They were, in fact listening to music. Loudly.
“Hey, Katie, Sam’s getting pissed at you, so you might want to go.” I told her. Her eyes widened and she hugged Haley and me. “Thank you, Brooke! It was nice to meet you! I’ll text you later, Haley!” then she ran downstairs and I followed behind her. She apologized to him and he told her to wait in the car. She nodded and ran down the steps, careful of the ice lining our walkway.
He turned to me. “So, I don’t even know when I can see you next.”
I shrugged. “It’s okay, I don’t mind. Just because I’m your girlfriend doesn’t mean I’m needy like other ones. I’ll take you when I can get you. I know you’re busy with band stuff. Just keep me posted on what’s going on and I’ll be happy.”
He beamed. “We are almost twenty-four hours into our relationship and I already think you’re the perfect girlfriend. You seriously aren’t the needy type?”
“God no, I’ve seen those girls. They’re pathetic.”
“I knew there’s a reason I liked you. I’ll see you when I see you, then?”
“Yeah, bye Sam. Thank you for tonight.”
“No problem,” he kissed me one last time and I watched him get into his car and drive away.
Yeah, twenty-four hours into our relationship and I already think he’s the perfect boyfriend. I knew there was a reason I agreed to go to New York with him.


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