Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend to remember: BLG and Gordon Visit

Hey! I'm back!


First of all, I saw Boys Like Girls at the House of Blues.
It was EPIC.

Balcony Seat @ House of Blues

This guy is just the cutest little ball of energy.
The Ready Set was so good!
I WISH* we would have been able to meet him.

The Disco Ball went nuts during The All-American Reject's set.

Once upon a time, there was a lead singer named Tyson Ritter that was drunk or high or crazy or all 3. He flounced around the stage and made vulgar comments, referring to the women of Boston as, "Little Girls" in a pedophile voice. Then he tried to take off his pants! Lastly, he decided it would be a smart idea to climb the 2nd story balcony with a NOT-cordless mic. 
Basically, i lost all respect for him.
And their strobe lights made me motion sick!

Then it all changed...
If Martin Johnson (Swoon worthy for sure. So cute) was drunk or high or crazy or all 3, he didn't show it. He was just... amazing. Simple. As. That.

And his voice... "was the soundtrack of my summer, do you know you're unlike any other? You'll always be my thunder."
I got this on video. I will treasure it forever.

Now. Morgan.
In English form:
Morgan is to Boys Like Girls as Chantry is to The Cab.
Which basically means he's adorable and can sing like you wouldn't believe and stole my heart away.

Their drummer lit by all the lights.
Pretty sweet.

And more amazing-ness.
I loved when he started singing "Love Drunk" and then went, "Stop. Stop. I am right here. We are right here. Put your phones away. Put your ipods away. You don't need to see us through a screen, because we are RIGHT HERE. I want to see you have fun, jump around, and go crazy."
HAHAHA. We did. I have never danced so hard in my life.

Hands down. My favorite Set. Ever.
The concert would have been #1 if not for The All-American Rejects.
And we waited for an hour and a half to meet them but couldn't stay because we had to catch the last train out of Kenmore.

Now... Gordon College.
We got in around 1 a.m after the show, met some friends, and then went to the beach.
Yeah. On September 23, 2012 we went to the beach.
It started raining and I choreographed and wrote a musical number called, "You need an umbrella when it rains."
This beach had sand that lit up blue and sparkly when you ran your foot through the wet sand.
Then we went home around 4:30 and went to bed, not waking up until 12.


Oh yeah. Kirstin. The while reason we went.

The very serious Ki and her new friend Jazzy.

I missed my best friend so much.
We're visiting the 26th- 27th of October again because we're seeing A Rocket to the Moon the 26th and The Maine the 27th.
What a better way to celebrate being surgery free for a year?

My two best friends, Sarah (BFFSHWTNG) and Kirstin.

Crazy girl that wore heeled boots and then stood for about 6 hours. WHY?!!
At the beach, Jazzy let me borrow her flip-flops.

This brings us to Seth, the character of the sitcom that makes absolutely everyone laugh, everyone smile, is an absolute sweetheart, and can do a mean British accent.


This is a legitimate accidental picture with no edits.
I was making a weird face and then when i pressed the shutter, someone said something nice and I turned in their direction.
Once in a lifetime. 

We saw this sign.

This place was so cute. Chester's.
Seth was nice and let our coffee's be on him.
Kirstin bought us breakfast.

Honestly, the most hospitable group I've met.

Nice Ki, nice.

Cool story.
Once upon a time, I convinced a guy into thinking I'm British.
Ki: This is my friend Leslie from London.
No one could keep a straight face (Especially Matt and Sarah) as he proceeded to ask me several questions about how I'm adjusting to America, college, and the Maine weather and how everything is blamed on the President here rather than the Queen.

I thoroughly thank Improv and acting. Without them, I would not have been able tot think that quickly on my feet.

High School musical Pose!

Matt just chillen.

These were out faces when we met...


Notice in the previous picture how unimpressed Ki looks, how I look a little angry (Fist?) and how Sarah is trying to argue something.
Oh Josh...
Just kidding, you're a cool (If not a totally stubborn one) kid.

The Main CREW of the weekend.
Matt, Seth, Jazzy, Sarah, Me, Kirstin, and Rachel.

Then we added Josh in.
You see what i mean?!

The x's represent being "Under 21" *SIGH*

on the way home we stopped at Friendly's. YUMMM.

 I would like to thank Matt, Seth, Jazzy, Rachel, Josh, and Kirstin for making this one of the best weekends we've had together.
I can't wait to see all of you on Quadbreak!

Love & fun & Smiles,

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