Wednesday, October 10, 2012


After many, many months.
I wrote a song.

Well your eyes are big and your eyes are blue. 
I don't ever wanna love anyone else but you.
I save my lovin for you.

Well your heart is big and your heart is kind.
I don't wanna have anyone else on my mind.
And you're always on my mind.

There is something about you that I can't resist.
And I keep coming back for more when you've left me with nothing.

Your smile is bold and your smile is bright.
I don't need anything but you to get me through the night.
And that's alright.

Well your humor's bold and your humor's cute.
I know some folk who think your funny's kind of rude.
But it's why I love you.

There is something about you that I can't resist.
You keep me on the edge waiting for nothing.

Well I love your smile and I love your eyes.
Everything you did to me was a big surprise.
Especially all those lies.

Well I love your humor and I love your heart.
But no amount of groveling could unbreak my heart.
It's all torn apart.

There was something about you I could not deny.
But now my head's okay and it's safe to say.
You were my kryptonite.


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