Monday, October 29, 2012

Not another concert post...

First of all. Let me say that from this experience this weekend. I realize how much people don't care about personal hygiene. Or personal space. Please wear deodorant. Please.
Why do I say this? Oh. Because I was face to pit with several people.
I pretty much was shoved into a relationship.
Was covered in other people's sweat.

But let's go back to the beginning...
Well... okay. The trip did NOT start on a train.
It started around 10 a.m. Friday morning en route to Boston, Mass.

We listened to:
Cher Lloyd.
The Dirty mix.

Now that picture? ^ keep in mind that I hate the T. it's germy.
But! I purell-ed the heckers out of that pole before I touched it.

Waiting in line with my BEST FRIEND Bffshwntg.
We met the nicest girls.
(We were 2nd in line)
To see...

 And these guys.


And this crazy cat.
Austin Gibbs.
This time he had no hole in his boots. but a whole in his pants. in the back. Nice.


Nick Santino.
You should know I love him given...

Now. I may or may not have found someone absolutely adorable that plays some mean tambourine.

Meet Patrick.
the tambourine/mandolin/guitar/adorable guy that plays along with Bonaventure.
And also, with Sarah is Dan. He plays BANJO.

Anyway. he may or may not have  a signature with a heart in it.

anyway. Sarah and I basically had our dreams come true.
We. Met. ARTTM.



A drunk lady tried to take this picture and eventually Halvo says, "Hey. Maybe you should give the camera to that guy." As soon as she hands it over. The camera flashes.
This picture emerges.

And they literally kicked us out when we took this picture.
Which is why Sarah is kind of in it with Justin.

And on the way home from Brighton to go back to Wonderland, we saw this guy on the street (It was Halloweek in Boston. So everyone was dressed up. *Skanky ladies enter stage right*
I was like, "I love your costume. Can we take a picture with you?" and he said, "Sure." 
So here he is.
Peter Pan.

Yeah. That was day 1.

DAY 2.
 The view from the Gordon Dining Hall.
We ate donuts from this creepy place at around 1 a.m.

We saw Josh and his friend Joseph.
I suggested that there be a Hot air Balloon Transformer.
And Joseph was very confused when he found out that Sarah and I didn't actually go to Gordon.
Most priceless face. Ever.

We were serenaded by Kirstin.

The Postelles. Were. So. Good. 
Honestly, his voice. Daniel.

In between was Mayday Parade.
I was tossed around.
This is where I discovered that personal hygiene thing.
I did cry during 'Terrible things" though.
But other than that I just stood there while everyone else thrashed me around into their personal space.

And... John O'Callaghan 
Oh my.

It was amazing.
Of course Sarah got kicked in the face. 
Crowd Surfers...

John pulled a Tyson and climbed the railing. 
Girls do what they want.

And after the show, we met Josh from Jocelyn.
the eyes, right?

And.. we met the Postelles.
They are all nice.

And we ended up with...
A successful weekend.
With many signatures.
And an amazing time.

Love & Smiles,

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