Monday, October 22, 2012

The Fantastical Saturday.

I just got back from a fabulous weekend by the water with my friends from college...
I spent Friday at work.
I spent Saturday with Kirstin's (May I now call them my friends? I think yes.) friends from school. There was water.
And it was fabulous.
So it was a half truth.
Just not the whole weekend because I was a slave to ol' Hannie's grocering ways Sunday.
Oh well.
**I should probably be doing my essay right now.
But I'd rather do this.

So here are some photos and stories of my FANTASTICAL SATURDAY!

Meet the Crew (Minus Sarah at this point)
Josh, Jazzy, Seth, Ellen, Kirstin, Me

She's like... the cutest fisherwoman ever.

Yeah. We were both taking photos of each other.



The Gordon Crew.

So we get to the lighthouse by SMCC (not the one Ki meant though...)
And there are rocks and stuff. 
So we (everyone but me) climb them.

Kirstin was like, "Hey. how about you don't."
Because I'm so accident prone.

"I am the Master Commander!"

"I'm Flying Jack!"

Speaking of flying...

I miss her already. And I see all of them next week because of the ARTTM/THEMAINE CONCERTSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYY!

Photo creds to Ellen.
Staying dry creds to MY NEW COWBOY RAINBOOTS.

Gorgeous view as well.

NEXT! We went to L.L.Bean and Freeport to do a little shopping.
After we ate.

Funny story.
Once upon time we went to On The Border.
Our waiter had a splint on, so I asked him what he did.
Motorcycle accident. Tendon ouchies.
Out table was so loud and obnoxious.
We all attempted* to do that thing where you shake your fingers a certain way so they snap together? Yuhh?
And the whole restaurant was staring.
Oh well.
Seth also made his tip into origami and we wrote a get well soon note.

So it wasn't FUNNY.... whatever.

Funny story*
Seriously it is.
Once upon a time Josh threw his starbucks cup out his window at my car. The Ellen thought it would be funny twice. And her hat immediately blew away AND HER MUSTACHE. 
Karma is a nasty little lady. 


And then we met with Sarah and went to my house to eat lasagna, bread, and apple crisp. We played apples to apples. 
And for the first time in public*
I sang Empty House and Kryptonite.
I was so nervous.

We "braved" The Gauntlet, aka, the haunted hayride.
I thought I would be terrified... but I laughed. Literally the whole time.
Even when the creepy clown men decided it would be a good idea to pick on ma and asked me all scarily, "Are you scared of me?" while being in my face.
I simply replied, "You're fantastic."
And! oooh.
There was this car accident dead teenage guy scene.
Really adorable shirtless guys came up and tried to be all scary and dead.
How could I be scared when A) MUSCLES. B) MUSCLES.
So I just called out, "You're handsome!"
and then some man behind me laughed and restated it outloud.

And okay, I may have been naughty and yelled, "F you," to the lady with the shotgun.
Strobe Lights.
Ever since "The concussion" I cannot handle strobe lights.
I get mad sick.

I had a great time.
And look at the lovely driving weather Seth and I had in my car.

Yeah. We almost died at one point.
But it was great. So great.
We had the Victorious theme song on replay + "Tip of the Iceburg"

Oh! Last thing.
Props to JOSH. 
That photo of us being all like "err" from last time?
See it here.
He was an absolute sweetheart, very charming, and his sassy pants were so magnetic. I had to steal them.


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