Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Newest Year since 2012


Last night was, of course, New Year's Eve, so i thought I'd share what Casey, Bffshwtng, and I did.

First, we had our Christmas!
We each had different themes (randomly selected and totally secret) for each other so here was the turnout!

From Casey to me: FLORAL

FROM Sarah to me: BRITISH!

From Sarah to Casey: Blue

From Me to Casey: Red

From Casey to Sarah: Stripes

From Me to Sarah: Night

(And meet Hoovier Owliver Owlston, Sarah's new Owl Friend)

Then we made dinner.
Chicken and potatoes. Yummy.


These are our 'Good thing' Jars that we made.
Mine. Sarah's. Casey's.
I will explain what these are in a future post!

Before pjs.

 After Pj time.

Then we watched 30 Days of Night from Sarah's gift collection.

Went to bed after playing some games.

Ate a delicious breakfast of waffle sticks and corned beef hash!

And I have indeed made a  list of 7 things I need to remember for the year 2013 and beyond.

1. Stay organized in my own way.
2. Take chances.
3. Believe in myself and my abilities.
4. Remember that no one defines me except me.
5. Always remember God.
6. Patience.
7. Think before I speak.

Love, Smiles, and Happy NewYear,

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