Monday, May 27, 2013

It almost rained and then it didn't

Okay. So Bffshwtng and I finally got together to just hang out this week.
We were supposed to have a whole slew of fun on Monday with a photoshoot and all, but.... like the rest of the week, it rained. We had about 5 or 6 days of straight rain and gloominess that would put the happiest of lads in a depression.
My depression mostly comes from the fact that my SKIN hasn't seen the light of day in QUITE A LONG FEW MONTHS. 
And also I was recovering from a *cough cough* sickness.

Anyway, on Thursday she came over for our usual day and we watched  Alice, the lovely little series where I discovered my first I Fancy Friday. Andrew-Lee Potts. 
Then we went out a did a photoshoot and chicken, mashed potatoes, and corn inside a pie crust (delicious!)

So, here are some of our {FRIENDSHIP PHOTOS}

My beautiful SARAH (:



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